This Taker/Punk Angle is Dogshit.



There have been many controversies in professional wrestling, and many debates among the Internet Smarks on issues of varying importance. I know this well, because I usually find myself at the center of these debates. I won't pretend I don't care about the many issues I discuss and how others react to them, because it matters to me very dearly that an industry I love survives into the future. Even then, in many ways, I'm fine with people having different opinions from me on who deserves a push, or what was a good match and what wasn't, because those issues aren't particularly serious, no matter how much I or others may see them as important. After all, it's not like Mark Henry getting a huge push desecrates anyone's corpse, or Ryback matches steal heat from personal tragedies.

But if I have to be serious about wrestling in any respect, than there is one thing I feel worth staking myself on as a serious matter. The most important rule of wrestling: the line of kayfabe and reality kills the ability of professional wrestling to handle certain topics out of the gate, and any attempt to cross that line needs to die.

More specifically, there must never be another angle in pro-wrestling resembling this horrible Taker/Punk angle ever again. Wrestling's unlike any other form of entertainment in the world in that no matter how much goofy shit surrounds it, there's still an inescapable layer of reality surrounding everything.

As an example: when Randy Orton yells at Rey Mysterio that Eddie Guerrero's burning in hell, it's nothing like the "Two Boats and a Lifeguard" episode of HBO's Boardwalk Empire when *UNIMPORTANT SPOILER* Nucky Thompson tells his brother Eli "even if (heaven) existed, you actually think that son of a bitch would be there" at their father's wake.*END UNIMPORTANT SPOILER*

The reason? Rey Mysterio, Randy Orton, and Eddie Guerrero inhabit a level of reality. Nucky and Eli Thompson are just TV characters played by Steve Buscemi and Shea Wingham, guys who at other points play a giant lizard in a Disney movie, and a goon that shoots Danny Trejo in another.

That's the difference. If Boardwalk Empire, Machete, or even Monster's Inc exploits death or other such topics, it doesn't matter because they don't inhabit any concrete reality. When professional wrestilng does the same, it does so too close to reality, and thus, comes of like P. Diddy's rap career, chasing money and fame off the back of a dead friend.

It's too late to stop this awful Taker/Punk angle. It's too late to keep it from getting worse, as they've already used the desecration of Paul Bearer's remains to get heat on CM Punk. But much like how P. Diddy will come and go at Mania, hopefully, we can put any angle that exploits the death of human beings in the New Jersey landfill where it belongs.

Or, failing that, maybe we can just stop angles involving the desecration of corpses? I really don't want to see CM Punk bone a mannequin inside a coffin wearing a Rey Mysterio mask to get heat.

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