Who Should End Aces And Eights Reign In TNA?

Aces and Eights debuted all the way in June of last year and it was clear somebody behind-the-scenes in TNA had started watching Sons Of Anarchy and thought, "Hey we can do something like this too."

Well, they did and after 10 months of very questionable booking the leader of Aces And Eights finally revealed himself and it was Bully Ray.

For the weeks leading up to the big reveal there really was only a few ways TNA could go that would make sense and Bully Ray was one of those few choices.

After the reveal, TNA did something that every wrestling promotion should have taken note of.

TNA took the time to give the fans complete answers as to how Bully Ray pulled the whole thing off in detail.

Bully Ray is the new face of Impact Wrestling and with TNA cutting back to four PPV's a year Bully Ray is in position to have a nice, long title reign.

The big dilemma for TNA going forward is who is going to be the guy to finally exterminate Aces and Eights? TNA isn't exactly flush with rising, young babyfaces at the moment so picking a current member of the TNA roster may not be the best idea outside of maybe Magnus.

If TNA decides that they need to go out and get somebody to bring in to take down Bully Ray the logical choice is Christian and here is how they can do it.

Christian has done just about all he can in WWE and doesn't appear to really have a place in the company anymore. So, TNA pulls him away from WWE once again and for the weeks leading up to his return Dixie, Hogan and Sting hype up the return of a former TNA World Champion. They do the whole vignettes and what not leading up to it as well with Christian ultimately returning at Slammiversary and attacking Ray after he retains against whoever.

The feud progresses as Christian is informed the only way he can get a title shot is if he wins the Bound For Glory series. It then sets up countless Aces and Eights interferences to try and prevent Christian from getting a shot at Bully Ray for the title, but Christian ultimately wins the BFG series beats Bully Ray at BFG.

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