Fixing RAW's Abysmal ending.

Oh boy, after having the best RAW in ages we go straight back to "Same old shit".

What a flat and terrible ending to RAW... I read around in the comments that people were satisfied with it because it "Made sense".

Oh little do we ask of WWE Creative nowadays...

Sure, I'll give props to whoever scripted that Ryback was really well done. And I'm also going to say that Ryback not helping Cena when the Shield appeared was what should've happened...

So why am I complaining?

I am complaining because context is key, and Ryback looked cowardly out there.

Even if there are people pointing out that Ryback didn't help Cena just because Cena didn't help him, it wasn't set-up that way. They set it up by having the supposedly unstoppable, angry, asskicking Ryback come out to the ring just to hear John Cena verbally berate them for 5 minutes just to back off in fear when Cena took off his shirt and suggested that they fought.

They turned the asskicking edgy face into the vanilla WWE cowardly heel, and honestly...when Ryback didn't get involved in that fight I didn't know if he was letting Cena know what that felt like or if he was downright afraid of getting his ass kicked by the Shield again.

This could've been a killer ending for RAW, if they had only adjusted a few bits.

Here is how I would've done it:

Cena comes out and cuts the exact same promo (In a perfect world he would've cut a very different promo but that would be asking too much), with one simple exception...he doesn't call Ryback out just yet.

Right after Cena's penis joke, Ryback's music hits and he comes down angry...

John Cena is not scared of him and he challenges Ryback to get down into the ring and tangle with him, he takes his god-awful shirt off and puts the microphone aside.

Ryback is happy to get into a fight and starts walking down the ramp when suddenly the music for the Shield hits, Ryback stops at the bottom of the ramp and the Shield comes down and beats on Cena just like they did, the only difference is that when the crowd chants "One more time" they actually powerbomb him one more time.

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