Precap to tonight's TNA Impact Wrestling, or the one before Lockdown (Mar. 7 episode)

Previewing the March 7, 2013 episode of TNA "Impact Wrestling", the go-home show to this Sunday's (Mar. 10) "Lockdown 2013" pay-per-view (PPV); featuring the final confrontation between TNA World Heavyweight Champion Jeff Hardy and #1 Contender Bully Ray, the results of TNA Gut Check, and MORE!

Hardy! Bully! Nostalgia! 'Tude! The Cage! TNA World Heavyweight Championship!

Sometimes a championship build is very, very easy to do.

Last week (Feb. 28), Jeff Hardy and Bully Ray had a moment of nostalgia, reminiscing on all the matches they've had. All the chairs that have been swung. All the ladders they have climbed. And all the tables they have broken.

Now, on Sunday, Mar. 10, it will be time for the cage.

I was worried that TNA would have no clue how to make this match interesting. Truth be told, the promotion didn't really do anything at all. But it got out of it's own way -- a rarity of late -- and let its talent do the heavy lifting.

Or, more specifically, let the talents' history do all the work.

We give TNA a lot of crap for relying so heavily on aging talent culled from that other promotion. There's certainly something to be said for the promotion's failure to create any real, homegrown superstars. However, this is the model that TNA has created. For better or for worse, this is the route it has decided to go.

So at the very least, it might as well do it correctly.

Jeff Hardy is a proven draw in Orlando, FL. For whatever reason, the Impact Zone rats love him. It would be criminal negligence to keep him buried in the under card when placing him in the main event brings in extra buys. So he's holding the title, along with his years and years of baggage.

Aside from that whole "not allowed to go to England" thing, he's been doing a pretty good job.

Bull Ray has been doing fantastic work over the past few months. He was contending for the best heel in the company, but it was a crowded field. Austin Aries, Bobby Roode, Christopher Daniels. So why don't we flip him face? Why not let the fans cheer for him, let him work with the biggest names in the promotion, bring him into the main event just after he resigned?

As of right now, the decision is looking pretty good.

So we have Jeff Hardy defending his TNA World Heavyweight Championship against Bully Ray. TNA could have thrown some contrived angle together. Maybe Hardy wanted to sleep with Brooke? Perhaps Bully was upset he couldn't use any of Hardy's facepaint? Or, they could have been fighting over the same fire breathin' Twittah machine.

Again, there are plenty of stupid angles that could have happened.

But, I will give TNA credit. These two have a long history together, and the promotion is utilizing it. Which is what should happen. Let these guys go out there and be themselves. Let the potential for an amazing match speak for itself. Don't throw in crap simply for the sake of throwing in crap.

Which, I was scared [explicit]-less that would happen.

I was worried Hulk Hogan would run in and ruin the fun. I was worried Brooke Hogan would find a way to get in the middle. I was worried Bully would turn heel for no other reason than he could.

Hardy turning would worry me, but I cannot imagine that TNA is that stupid. Again.

TNA has one more night to sell Lockdown. It is very possible that it screws everything up. Right now, though, it's on the right path. Just throw Hardy and Bully into the ring. Bring them nose to nose. Let them mouth off and spit fire. I know Bully can bring it on the mic. I am pretty confident that Hardy will be able to keep up. Keep the championship picture free from the tarnish that has polluted the rest of the show.

TNA has two of the greatest daredevils in the business going to go buck wild in a steel cage. For all the crap that the promotion throws at us week in and week out, that alone is enough to make me interested in the show.

I'm praying that will take center stage tonight.

The! Gang! That! Shall! Not! Be! Named!

The gang that shall not be named will do something stupid. Everyone will hate it. That is all I'm going to say about it.

One! More! Thing!

  • Gut Check contestants Lei'd Tapa and Ivelisse Vélez will find out their fates tonight. I've usually been impressed with the rookies TNA has brought in for Gut Check. This pair though… meh. I'm sure one will get a contract, but I certainly wouldn't be too upset if they are both sent packing.

Hopefully, this has prepared you for the night's festivities. Leave a comment below about what you are looking forward to, and please join the entire CSS Thursday night gang in the live blog TONIGHT!

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