WWE Main Event results and live blog for Mar. 6: One month to 'Mania


Complete results and the running live blog for tonight's (Mar. 6, 2013) episode of WWE "Main Event"; featuring Randy Orton vs. Wade Barrett, Cody Rhodes vs. Zack Ryder, and US Champion Antonio Cesaro vs. Sin Cara in a non-title match.

WWE Main Event comes waltzing back into our lives tonight (Mar. 6, 2013) at 8e/7c on ION Television from Albany, New York featuring Randy Orton vs. Wade Barrett. The leader of the Barrett Barrage will no doubt kick us off promoting his new film, Dead Man Down.

In addition, this week's episode will showcase a brief bout between Cody Rhodes and Zack Ryder, as well as a non-title match featuring our reigning US Champion, Antonio Cesaro vs. Sin Cara... yes, Sin Cara. And, The Miz on commentary this week...


Come back here at 8 p.m. ET for complete results and the running live blog, which will start right below this line.



C. J. Bradford here to kick off your humpday-eve with just the right amount of hump, Cagesiders!


Making his way to the ring, RANDY ORTON!

And here comes the Intercontinental Champion, Wade Barrett!

With a mic.


Wade tells us that last night (Tue. Mar. 5) he attended the red carpet premiere of his movie, Dead Man Down. Says he was "hobnobbing" and receiving future offers, you know, for when he needs future endeavors.

Cut to a video package of said red carpet premiere.

Wade promises that Dead Man Down will be a box-office winner, and he will be a winner tonight! And fellow WWE Superstars need to pay attention. Especially those who think they are Marines.

Oooh, Miz burn!

Wade wants to keep talking, but Orton is right there with a few rights before tossing Wade into the ring.

Randy Orton vs. Wade Barrett

Orton starts the match with a series of rights in the corner. He sends Wade off the ropes, and Orton receives a kick to the gut.

Wade runs the ropes, but Orton jumps over him and delivers a 'bow on the back swing.

Orton stomping on Wade's famous little fingers, before going to work on his legs, ankles, forehead, and lower body.

Cover attempt only gets two.

Wade makes his way to his feet and delivers a head butt and a one-two combo. Orton is able to fight back with an upper cut, and a clothesline sends Wade over the top rope.

We come back from commercial with Orton whipping Wade into the corner. He tries to to follow, but Wade gets the elbow up.

Wade hits the neck breaker.

Only good for two.

Wade drops the knee before going to the head lock. Orton quick to get to his feet before hitting a side suplex. Wade is slow to get to his feet. He finally does...

And eats a drop kick. Wade kicks out at two, though.

The pair exchange punches, with Orton gaining control. He pushes Wade into the corner, climbs to the second rope, and delivers a series of rights to the dome.

Suplex by Orton, but only gets a two count.

Wade rolls out of the ring to catch a breather. But out comes Orton.

It was a trap!

Wade was waiting, and slams Orton's head into the steel steps. He rolls Orton into the ring and tries to get back himself...

Orton is right there with a kick to the gut. He sets up for the second rope DDT...

But Wade is able to wiggle free and hits a mule kick to the midsection. Orton is in pain!

We come back from commercial with Wade dropping Orton with a huge gut kick. He follows up with a few quick punches to the head, then cokes Orton out on the second rope. Wade flips Orton around, leaving the Orton hung up in the ropes. Wade hits a triplet of high knees, before landing the big boot.

Only good for two.

Orton rolls to the outside for a breather. Wade tries to follow...

It was a trap!

Orton meets Wade with a few punches to the head. He tries to whip Wade into the steps, but Wade reverses and sends Orton into unforgiving steel. He rolls Orton back into the ring.

Only gets a two count.

To the top rope Wade goes...

But Orton is quick to get up and land a few punches. Wade is dazed on the top rope.

Up Orton goes...

And down they come with a superplex!

Orton crawls for the cover, but he only gets a two count.

Both men slow to their feet. They exchange blows with Wade gaining the advantage. He sends Orton into the corner...

Who bounces off and hits the clothesline

We get the "Vintage Orton" routine with a series of clotheslines. Wade is able to stop his momentum before running into the power slam, so Orton hits a backbreaker instead.

Wade is down. Orton is calling for it! The crowd wants it!

Wade rolls on the apron to get away from the RKO. Orton is right there, but Wade drops "The Viper's" neck right into the top rope. He follows up with a big boot!

Orton kicks out at two!

Wade is calling for the bullhammer!

Orton hits the power slam!


Okay, that was Cole's joke.


Cody Rhodes vs. Zack Ryder

Zack with the rear hold. He's sends Cody into the ropes, and lunches Cody with a hip toss.

Cody is quick to back it back to his feet and hits the sharp right. He whips Zack into the corner. Cody tries to follow, but Zack gets the elbow up.

Zack hits a face buster. Cody rolls out of the ring for a breather, but Zack is quick to follow. He lands a forearm to the back before rolling Cody into the ring.

Cody attacks as Zack tries to get back into the ring.

Only gets a two count

Cody with a spring board stomp and a face first suplex.

Only gets a two count.

Cody with the head lock. He sends Zack into the corner. Cody tries to follow, but Zack gets the knees up. Zack follows it with a drop kick from the top rope.

Cody uses the corner to get himself up. Zack is right there to drop him with a right.

Zack goes for the Broski Boot...

But his "Broskis" meet bottom rope.

A Disaster Kick is followed up by a Cross Rhodes, and Cody Rhodes is your winner.


Recap of the return of Triple H on Monday Night Raw.


Sin Cara vs. Antonio Cesaro

Sin Cara tries the head hold, but Cesaro with a side-suplex. He goes for the cover, but Sin Cara bridges out.

An arm drag by Sin Cara sends Cesaro out of the ring. A hurricanrana sends Cesaro into the barricade.

Back into the ring we go. Sin Cara goes for the sunset flip...

Cesaro is teetering...

But no go! Cesaro lifts Sin Cara up and tosses him across the ring by the mask. He follows it up by stomping a mudhole in Sin Cara's ass.

Sin Cara tries to fight back with a few punches, but to no avail.

Gut wrench suplex gets Cesaro a two count.

Cesaro locks in the sleeper hold. He sends Sin Cara in the ropes.

Sin Cara spins out into a cover.

Only gets two.

Sin Cara with a leg scissors takedown, sending Cesaro out of the ring. He tries to follow, but eats a Cesaro uppercut.

To the top rope we go!

And Sin Cara is right there with an Enziguri! Cesaro is dazed!

Sin Cara gets a running start and goes for the hurricanrana...

But Cesaro catches his legs! Cesaro is setting up for the top rope power bomb!

Sin Cara manages to follow through with the hurricanrana! Cesaro goes flying off the top rope...

and Sin Cara gets the three count! Sin Cara is your winner!

I....well then...


Recap of The Undertaker's return on the March 4, 2013 Old School Raw.


Recap of The Rock and John Cena confronting one another on the (Mar. 4) Monday Night Raw.


Fade to Black. End Show. And we are out. 'Til next time Cagesiders! We love you!!!

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