How Great is Wrestlemania 29 going to be?

Oh Wrestlemania, the grandaddy of them all.

Looks like it is this time of the year again. Almost one month from now, wrestling's biggest annual event will take place at Metlife Stadium in New Jersey. It is the 28th Anniversary of the First Wrestlemania, it is the 29th installment of the Season Finale of the WWE Year.

Wrestlemania 29 is expected to draw around 90.000 fans, and by all counts is looking to be a huge financial success for WWE.

Huge stars like The Rock, Brock Lesnar, Triple H, The Undertaker and Chris Jericho are going to join WWE regulars CM Punk, John Cena, The Big Show, Randy Orton, Sheamus and many more.

Everything is aligned for Wrestlemania 29 to be one of the biggest shows of all time....

Except that I couldn't care less.

It's one month from what should be the biggest show of all time and I don't have any interest on actually watching the show, zero, nada.

I don't know if it just me getting bored with Wrestling, but I believe that you would have try to hard to put forth a build-up that's more uncompelling that the one that we've gotten thus far.

So far, there are 4 matches looking very likely to happen, some of which have already been confirmed.

CM Punk vs Taker

Brock vs Trips

Cena vs Rocky

Swagger vs Alberto del Rio

I find it truly amazing that Swagger vs Del Rio is the one I'm looking forward to the most.

As of right now I have no desire to see Cena vs Rock, to the point that even if they gave me the show for free I'd be likely to be paying more attention to my other screen and will probably be more worried about shifting tabs between the CSS Liveblog, my facebook, my twitter and maybe even 9gag.

I already saw Cena vs Rock last year and it sucked, the only difference is that the match up actually interested me last year, it was "Once on a Lifetime". And John Cena actually managed to get my sympathy with his speeches about Rock being a part-timer and hogging the spotlight. Also I had hopes that the match would be ok, a hope they crushed with a terrible main-event.

This year we have Cena needing to get back at the Rock to get his life back on track. You see, Cena losing to Dwayne caused him to go in a downward spiral. Cena started to falter, started to doubt himself and lost many matches. He stopped being the main event of the show like he had been for the past 8 years or so. Only when Rock captured the title he managed to get his groove back and won the Royal Rumble, then he managed to do what had eluded him for a long time, he finally beat CM Punk and is now dead set in reclaiming his throne...

Except that this narrative, just like Lance Armstrong and John Cena himself, is full of shit.

Not only did Cena main event most of the shows this season, but he also beat Brock Lesnar. Former UFC Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar. He also had previously beat CM Punk clean on the go-home RAW for Survivor Series.

The main event, much like the cake, is a lie. Not only it invalidates the previous year "Once in a Lifetime" gimmick, but the story they are trying to tell really lacks in the continuity department, and as most people here would agree with me, consistency is key.

But well, that's only the main event...what about the other matches? Maybe they have something to spark my interest.

Take a look at Brock Lesnar vs Triple H. It would be a rematch from a Summerslam match that was allegedly good, though not great. Brock and Trips drew well the first time around, and they will probably help the buyrate.

Maybe a lot of people want to see this rematch, but I really don´t. Brock's stock was hurt a lot in my eyes with his loss to Cena. His feud with COO Triple H was ok going to Summerslam, and apparently now COO Trips is gone and "The Asskicker is back", of course if we overlook the fact that he pissed his pants.

My biggest gripe with this match is that I want to see Brock Lesnar and Triple H doing other stuff. I want to see Brock vs Ziggler, Brock vs Bryan, Triple H vs Punk, Triple H vs Cesaro. And this is just to name a few...

Brock vs Triple H still has potential to be what lures me into WM, but at this moment it feels like it's going to be too little, too late.

We move on to Punk vs Taker...

This should've been a huge deal, the longest reigning champion in 25 years against the streak?

CM Punk could've looked like a legit threat to the streak adding huge drama to a match between the Best in the World and the Deadman that consistently has MOTY candidates.

Instead, CM Punk has been made look like nothing but a punk and his talks about retiring soon make him a poor candidate for a match with Taker. Punk doesn't look like he can hang with Taker, not when he has been playing second fiddle to Cena and Rock for 2 years now, now when he has lost so many matches clean and most of his wins were tainted with outside interference and blatant cheating.

CM Punk's promo where he called out Taker was very underwhelming. Punk probably did the best that he could out of the situation but the writers dug a huge hole under him. This match up seems very thrown together and it doesn't feel important at all.

Even if Punk pinned Orton cleanly to earn the chance, after the very awesome build ups for HBK and HHH vs Taker this just doesn't live up to expectations.

And don't get me started on Vicky Guerrero deciding who would be Undertaker's opponent, Vicky has been made look terrible and powerless for so long that I can't take here role as Managing Supervisor seriously.

I've would prefered that Sheamus, Orton, Punk and Show agreed to have a match to prove who was more deserving of challenging Taker, and the Deadman making his entrance at the end of the show to approve the match-up with the winner.

Oh well, hopefully Taker's body and age haven't caught up to him yet and he can put a stellar performance with Punk.

On the other hand, there's nothing really bad that I can say about Alberto del Rio vs Jack Swagger.

For some reason, and it might even be Latino bias but I don't think Alberto del Rio looks very dickish when he goes after Swagger backstage, or when he pranks Show. I feel as if he's justified and I find myself rooting for him. Zeb Coulter is just brilliant, and so is Ricardo Rodriguez. The two of them really add interest to this feud.

But this is still just the upper midcard match, and I was just as excited for this as I was for Daniel Bryan vs Sheamus or Punk vs Jericho. It is certainly a welcome addition to a card that you are already buying, but it is hardly something that will make you fork the full HD price of it.

So how great will Wrestlemania 29 be? Not very...

Lets see how much can change in 4 weeks.

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