The Geek Goddess and I- Chapter 8 A Night to Remember (Re-Mastered)

With the help of Cagesider, MaizeandBlueKid we improved this entry.

With my help and comforting support, AJ was able to compose herself after being told the grim news about the future of her in-ring career. But she didn’t have time to think about that now; she still had a match tonight. Again, it was her teaming up with Kaitlyn. Being in the ring really boosted AJ’s spirits as well. I made sure to watch from the backstage area. The match was fast paced and fun, and when she nailed Aksana with a Shining Wizard, I cheered louder than I had for anything in a long time..



When she returned backstage, she immediately leapt into my arms upon seeing me. She was pulsating with adrenaline, and though she was a little sweaty, the important thing was that she was feeling better, and that megawatt smile was plastered and on full display.

“You did great, babe. I really like watching you out there because I can tell you love it so much. “

“Thanks. It’s the best feeling in the world.”

“Really? What am I chopped liver?”

“Well I didn’t want to say it…”

That was enough reason for me to do what I did next: I hit the Button again. She, as anticipated, jerked and giggled. From there, I leaned in and placed a slow, soft kiss on the mouth. It was just as nice as the previous night. .

“Gee you’re sweating more than me now.” said AJ as the kiss ended.

“Indeed I am. So let me ask you- what the best feeling in the world?”

“Being in the ring. Get over yourself, my dear.” she playfully slapped my face.



After she changed back to street clothes, I told her I was taking her some place special.

“Do I have to wear a blindfold? Are you taking me to the Bat Cave?”

“No and No. I am taking you to Dave and Buster’s.”

“So you aren’t Batman then?”

“No. I am not Batman.”

“I guess D and b will do.” She sighed and acted disappointed.

After arriving at the Chuck E. Cheese for adults known as Dave and Buster’s, we went on to do what any other two normal geeks would do in this situation: have all out zany fun. We raced cars through the streets of Tokyo, killed zombies side by side and AJ even decapitated me with Kitana’s steel fan (I got my revenge later on Street Fighter when I roasted her with Yoga Fire). I also managed to totally embarrass myself on Dance Dance Revolution.

But AJ’s inner doodle would upstage my dance fail. I challenged her to Skee-Ball and I didn’t tell her that I am an ace at it. I quickly learned that was she was far from my level. Her first roll never touched the lane, it went through the air straight into the lighted sign at the top. The cover crashed onto the lane below. AJ turned beet red and sheepishly looked for help while I tried to fix the sign.

She brought over a Dave and Buster’s employee. He asked what happened. AJ started speak but I cut her off.

“Sorry, my hand slipped. Too many chicken wings. It’s not serious is it?”

The employee put the sign back in place and grumbled something about it happens all the time as he walked off.

“You didn’t have to do that. Im a certified clutz. You’re going to be taking the rap for me quite a bit.“

“Well honestly, I didn’t even think about it. Just felt I needed to do it.“

“Aww. You’re so sweet. Very chivalrous of you. What are you trying to get from me?” she eyed me with mock suspicion.

“Hmmm. Not here. Don’t want to break kay fabe.”

“Oh really? Let’s get out of here then.”



We drove from the Dave and Buster’s in Westminster to the next stop in Loveland.

We had an amazing night in Loveland. We did things that I had only dreamed of doing with a woman. Yes we did it.

And by "it" I mean we watched "Its Always Sunny in Philidelphia", ate mint chocolate chip ice cream and fell in each other's arms

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