Week in Wrestling: Feb. 24 to Mar. 2 - Triple H's return to WWE!

This was the week that Triple H returned to WWE Raw. - Photo by David Seto via Wikimedia Commons.

Catch up on all the results from WWE and TNA television shows with the ninth Cageside Seats Week in Wrestling of 2013! This was the week that Triple H returned to WWE Monday Night Raw and Kenny King finally won the TNA X-Division Title from Rob Van Dam.

Hello, Cagesiders! Welcome to the ninth Cageside Seats Week in Wrestling of 2013!

What happened last week? Find out below, Cagesiders.


Raw (Feb. 25th)

  • Vince McMahon vs. Paul Heyman started the show. Heyman got a head start on McMahon using one of his own crutches against him, but Vince quickly managed to snare it back. That was the cue for Brock Lesnar's music to hit, but before he could F-5 his boss again, guess who showed up? Triple H to save dear old Dad. The main spots in the brawl saw Hunter bloody Brock up by throwing him into the ring post, Lesnar returning fire with an F-5 onto the announcers table, and HHH coming back with a spinebuster and a chair shot.
  • Ryback pinned Dolph Ziggler with the Shellshock.
  • CM Punk cut a promo to hype his main event match with John Cena for the WWE title shot against The Rock at WrestleMania 29. He closed it by saying: "In this world that you inhabit, I am God!"
  • Donald Trump was announced as this year's celebrity inductee into the WWE Hall Of Fame.
  • Mark Henry pinned The Great Khali with The World's Strongest Slam.
  • We had a MizTV segment with Alberto Del Rio, Ricardo Rodriguez, Jack Swagger and Zeb Colter, which had the expected squabbles about immigration. The Mexican World Heavyweight Champion put over America as the greatest country in the world before getting ready to fight, but Swagger just left, wanting to wait until WrestleMania. But he returned during the commercial break and attacked The Miz instead.
  • Randy Orton pinned Antonio Cesaro with the RKO.
  • Whilst preparing for their match with The Prime Time Players, Daniel Bryan claimed he could beat them blindfolded, which led to Kane arguing he could beat them with one arm tied behind his back. Team Brickie interrupted their argument to make that the stipulation for their tag bout.
  • A tuxedo clad Sheamus sarcastically complained about the Academy overlooking the performance of Wade Barrett in Dead Man Down for an Oscar award. Barrett in response claimed that Sheamus was jealous of his success, before being ran off by him.
  • R-Truth pinned Cody Rhodes with the Downward Spiral. Damien Sandow did colour commentary during the match and then attacked R-Truth afterwards, but Truth was able to fight him off.
  • A Zeb Colter and Jack Swagger video aired of them in front of the Gadsen flag talking about jobs.
  • The handicapped Team Hell No still defeated The Prime Time Players when Kane pinned Darren Young with a one armed chokeslam.
  • The Shield cut a promo claiming they were unstoppable and asked if anyone else wanted a shot. This led to Sheamus distracting them for Randy Orton to hit Seth Rollins with a surprise RKO before getting out of dodge.
  • Jack Swagger submitted The Miz with The Patriot Act.
  • John Cena pinned CM Punk in an early WWE match of the year contender with the AA, which was notable for Punk planting Cena with a banned piledriver in the finishing stretch.

NXT (Feb. 27th)

  • Bo Dallas was in Commissioner Dusty Rhodes' office who was putting over his recent success on Monday Night Raw when Corey Graves walked in. Dusty forced Graves to hand back the NXT Championship belt he stole last week and booked a Triple Threat match between the two and Conor O'Brian.
  • Justin Gabriel (with Tyson Kidd) pinned Leo Kruger with the 450 splash. After the match, Kruger left Gabriel laying by hitting him in the gut with one of Kidd's crutches.
  • Aksana pinned Emma.
  • A mystery assailant had knocked out Bo Dallas backstage.
  • Conor O'Brian vs Corey Graves ended in a no-contest when The Shield destroyed both men.

Main Event (Feb. 27th)

  • Sheamus teased Cody Rhodes about his love-stache in front of Kaitlyn, which led to an accepted challenge for a match later on.
  • Mark Henry pinned Justin Gabriel with the World’s Strongest Slam.
  • Sheamus pinned Cody Rhodes with the Brogue Kick.

Superstars (Feb. 28th)

  • Brodus Clay and Tensai defeated Epico and Primo when Primo got sandwiched by the two dancing fat fools and pinned.
  • Kofi Kingston pinned David Otunga with the Trouble In Paradise.

Smackdown (Mar. 1st)

  • Damien Sandow and Alberto Del Rio traded barbs in the opening segment, which led to...
  • Alberto Del Rio submitted Damien Sandow with the Cross Arm Breaker.
  • Backstage, Del Rio wanted to give back to the WWE Universe by letting them pick his opponent next week.
  • Daniel Bryan said that the only reason Kane picked up the pinfall on Monday Night Raw was because he wasn't the one blindfolded, so they agreed to swap handicaps in their rematch with The Prime Time Players later on.
  • Antonio Cesaro defeated The Miz in a two out of three falls match for the WWE United States Championship. Cesaro won the first fall with the Neutraliser, while Miz tied things up during the commercial break by making Cesaro tap to the Figure Four leglock. The third fall ended with a ref bump and Cesaro pinning Miz with a handful of tights as soon as the official had recovered.
  • Randy Orton rather begrudgingly thanked Sheamus for watching his back on Raw.
  • Jim Ross called out Jack Swagger and Zeb Colter to speak to them. Swagger got some local heat by heeling on his alma mater, The University Of Oklahoma. Good Ol' J.R. is flabbergasted at their xenophobia and accused Colter of brainwashing Swagger. Swagger knocked J.R.'s patented cowboy hat off and started threatening the immigrant sympathiser in the corner, which unsurprisingly led to Alberto Del Rio making the save and calling Swagger a real jackass instead of a real American.
  • The Prime Time Players defeated Team Hell No when Titus O'Neill rolled up Daniel Bryan for the pinfall when he was distracted by the blindfolded Kane. After the match, Kane noticed that his blindfold was a goat-face mask and lamped his partner one.
  • Matt Striker mispronounced Fandango's name and said he'll only wrestle when Striker gets it right. The evil ballroom dancer gimmick seeking new challenges was right out of the mid 1990s.
  • The results of Alberto Del Rio's opponent next week came in and the fans had shockingly chosen Dolph Ziggler. Just what he needs, another unnecessary job.
  • Randy Orton vs. The Big Show ended in a no-contest when The Shield interfered. In an elaborate show closing angle, Sheamus came down to help out Orton, Show KO'd Roman Reigns with the WMD, Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins fled, Show chokeslammed Orton and Sheamus Brogue Kicked Show.

Saturday Morning Slam (Mar. 2nd)

  • Damien Sandow and Zack Ryder lobbied Booker T to be the first ever General Manager for Saturday Morning Slam, which led too...
  • Damien Sandow pinned Zack Ryder with a rollup when Cody Rhodes distracted Zack at a key moment in the match.
  • Dolph Ziggler and AJ Lee, Natalya, R-Truth, and Daniel Bryan all tossed their names into the running for the new GM role in Booker T's office.
  • Antonio Cesaro pinned Justin Gabriel with the Neutraliser in the main event.


Impact Wrestling (Feb. 28th)

  • Bully Ray is still pissed off with Aces & 8s, much more so now that they ruined his father-in-law Hulk Hogan's return to the ring. He then called out his opponent for Lockdown TNA World Heavyweight Champion Jeff Hardy and told him that that he never thought they would be wrestling for the most prestigious title in pro wrestling. Ray felt guilty for getting the shot when he didn't even compete for it. However, Hardy wanted to face him and offered him his hand to shake when they were interrupted by Christopher Daniels and Kazarian. After the expected catcalls by the heels, this led to a brawl to set up the main event of the show.
  • Sting chose Magnus to be the first member of his team to face Aces & 8s at Lockdown.
  • Velvet Sky pinned Tara with the In Yo' Face to retain the TNA Knockouts Championship.
  • Brief angles were shot to set up Austin Aries vs. Hernandez and Rob Van Dam vs. Kenny King for the TNA X-Division Title later on in the night.
  • Austin Aries pinned Hernandez with a belt shot behind the referee's back.
  • Sting turned down Joseph Park's overtures to be a part of his team and instead courted Matt Morgan, who refused, citing his hatred of Hulk Hogan.
  • Kenny King pinned Rob Van Dam with the Royal Flush to win the TNA X-Division Championship.
  • Kurt Angle was shocked at one of Sting's choices.
  • Aces & 8s cut a promo, sceptical that Sting could find a team to face them at Lockdown. Sting revealed his partners to be Samoa Joe, James Storm, Magnus and Eric Young. Team TNA then sent Aces & 8s packing.
  • Ivelisse Vélez submitted Lei'd Tapa with a guillotine choke in a Gut Check Match.
  • We had a video update on the lost AJ Styles, who walked in while his wife and best friend were questioning his commitment and wondering what had happened to him. He then turned about and left.
  • Robbie E made amends with Rob Terry and admitted that Big Rob was the better bro. E allowed Robbie T the spotlight before turning on his bro by whacking him in the head with a framed picture of himself. Big Rob was extremely pissed so E fled.
  • In two separate vignettes, Austin Aries told both Jeff Hardy and Bully Ray that he was pulling for them at Lockdown.
  • Jeff Hardy & Bully Ray defeated Christopher Daniels and Kazarian when Hardy pinned Daniels with the Swanton.
  • Kurt Angle found Aces & 8s super secret hideout, kicked everyone's ass with a lead pipe, found the boss and unmasked him out of the camera's sight view, which was the perfect cliffhanger timing for Aces & 8s to make a comeback and beat Angle down.
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