Precap to the March 4, 2013 episode of WWE 'Monday Night Raw', or the one that's old school

Previewing the March 4, 2013 episode of WWE "Monday Night Raw", featuring the renewal of The Rock and John Cena's feud, the possible return of The Undertaker, an "Old School" theme, and MORE!

Rock! Cena! Here We Go Again! 5 More Weeks! WWE Championship!

And just like that, we have come full circle.

It was around this time last year (Feb. 27, 2012) The Rock returned to Monday Night Raw. It was around this time last year "The Great One" was welcomed back with open arms by the WWE Universe. It was around this time last year Rocky stood in the ring with some notes oddly placed on his wrist.

This year he'll be standing with some new gold around his waist.

It was around this time last year John Cena was coming off a gripping feud with Kane. It was around this time last year "The Doctor of Thuganomics" had destroyed Zack Ryder's push and showered Eve Torres with a disgustingly misogynistic attack. It was around this time last year Cena walked into the main event of WrestleMania 28 for no reason other than he could.

This year he earned that distinction by winning the Royal Rumble Match and defeating CM Punk last week (Feb. 25).

Here we stand. In just five short weeks (April 7), we will see The Rock defend his WWE Championship against John Cena at WrestleMania 29. Yes, this is the match we saw last year. This time around, though, there is far more on the line. It's about redemption. It's about revenge. It's about the most prestigious title in the history of sports entertainment.

Lets hope that it's about more than dick jokes and cheap pops.

Last year's run up to WrestleMania was uninspired at best, and painfully boring at worst. The problem with establishing the entire main event a full month before the pay-per-view (PPV) is there is nothing else to really do. You set the match and let them waste quality prime time real estate with pointless promos week in and week out.

But WrestleMania 28 was the highest grossing PPV in the history of the business, so what the [explicit] do I know?

Tonight marks the renewal of The Rock's and John Cena's feud. It's a chance to make significant changes to the formula. We can move beyond the meandering promos, the anti-climatic stare downs, the immature jokes, and the empty threats. There is a real opportunity here. Rocky is looking to stand on top of the promotion he helped launch into greatness. Cena is fighting to stay on top of this generation of stars. There are real issues at stake this time around.

This time can be different; this time can be better.

It falls upon The Rock and John Cena to recognize what they have and take advantage of it.

Punk! Taker! A Return? Maybe!

It was around this time last year CM Punk was just beginning his historic reign with the WWE Championship. It was around this time last year "The Straight Edge Savior" was entering into a relatively mediocre feud with Chris Jericho. It was around this time last year that Punk would be pushed down the card in favor of returning superstars.

This really not much different for Punk.

Punk has lost his WWE Championship. Then he lost his rematch for the WWE Championship. Then he lost his shot at a rematch for the WWE Championship. Now he looks to be on the edge of losing a main event spot at WrestleMania 29.

Luckily for Punk, there's a certain dead man who is wondering around without a dance partner.

The Undertaker made a surprise appearance at a house show last week (Feb. 23) in Waco, Texas. The assumption was that he would appear on Raw on the following Monday (Feb. 25).

That clearly did not happen.

So the assumption must be that Taker appears tonight. There's only five more shows until WrestleMania 29. There's only a few more weeks before "The Grandaddy of Them All" goes down. If The Undertaker is going to be a participant, then tonight must be the night that he comes back.

Unless, of course, he's not. Then CM Punk is in a very awkward position.

I'm not even sure what Punk would do if Taker was out of the equation. He could find his way into a four man tag team with The Shield against Sheamus, Randy Orton, Chris Jericho, and Ryback. He could face any one of them individually, although I don't know how quickly the ground work could be laid. Really, it's all up in the air right now.

With any luck, we'll know WWE's plans for both CM Punk and The Undertaker.

Trips! Brock! Piss Your Pants! I Like Chants! Con! Fron! Tation!

Oh, it's been far too long, hasn't it Cagesiders?

Brock Lesnar come back last week to deliver a beat down to Vince McMahon at the -- presumable -- request of his manager, Paul Heyman.

Little did Brocky know, it was a trap!

Triple H was waiting in the back, ready to pounce on his poor, unsuspecting victim. He came out, the pair brawled, Trips may or may have not pissed himself, and now the feud is back on.

Are you guys ready for some slow, plodding, painfully executed promos?

'Cause that's what you're going to get!

One! More! Thing!

Tonight is "Old School" night! And look at all the people coming to the party! We got Ric Flair! We got Ted DiBiase! We got Dusty Rhodes! We got Hacksaw Jim Duggan! We got the New Age Outlaws! Look at all those old bones! Are you excited? Get excited!

Hopefully this has prepared you for the night's festivities. Leave a comment below about what you are looking forward to, and please join the entire CSS gang in the live blog TONIGHT!

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