E-Wrestling for Cagesiders: Revival Pro Wrestling Presents "British Uprising"


If you are not familiar with RPW, we are a group of Cagesiders who have joined forces to create their own brand of wrestling entertainment where everyone has made and developed unique characters that face each other fortnightly on their quest to become the RPW Heavyweight Champion.

RPW is essentially a Fictional Wrestling Company directed by and for Professional Wrestling fans, much of RPW emerges from the frustration we have in how WWE presents and books wrestling.

We try to have a little bit of everything for everyone and avoid taking things too seriously; in the end our main goal is just to provide fun to both readers and writers.

If you want to join either as a character or as a fan, be sure to join our mailing list.

If you are a part of our mailing list you already got the show, and hopefully have read it as well. If you are already part of the show but haven't joined our mailing list please do so and please use this FanPost to leave your comments on the show as well.

The show is read in PDF FORMAT but you can also check out an extensive preview after the jump, if you are participating in the fed, I'd recommend on reading the full show.

Now, the show can be a fairly long read and it might be a bit of a hassle to go through it without knowing the characters and stories, but if you have even the slightest interest on following us, I would recommend to read our extensive preview of it after the jump



British Uprising takes part in London, England and it's the first ever RPW Show to take part outside of the USA.

It's Main Event is a colossal Heavyweight Title defense where "The Liverpool Sensation" Douglas Gallagher will attempt to remain champion in a Triple Threat Elimination Match against former heavyweight champion Ian Jones, and bonifide main eventer Aron Scythe.

Londoner Ian Jones holds the hometown advantage, but his acts have been so heinous that most of the fans have turned their backs on him, don't expect Jones to get a hero's welcome any time soon.

Most of the I'll will towards Jones was earned in his lenghty confrontation with perennial fan favorite Aron Scythe, crossing many lines and going to unthinkable lenghts to get the upper hand on the Comic Book Aficionado.

The number one contender Aron Scythe had already signed a contract for a Title Match against Ian Jones at British Uprising, but Jones had a mandatory title defense scheduled for before the event. Douglas Gallagher and Jafaar al-Sultan went toe to toe to earn a shot at Jones but in the end it was Gallagher who prevailed.

Jones was the first ever RPW Heavyweight Champion, and his reign lasted over 6 months before coming to an abrupt end when fellow Briton Douglas Gallagher managed to overcome all odds to pin him in the middle of the ring and become the second man to hold the Heavyweight Title.

Scythe had a tough choice to make, would he go on to face Gallagher for the title or would he forfeit his number one contendership to go after his nemesis?

None of the above, Scythe would propose to settle everything once and for all in a Triple Threat match.

Our Co-Main Event is one of high stakes as Ironman Champion John Brandenburg puts his title on the line against the mask of the mysterious Halfus Lykarn. Lykarn and Brandenburg have been Jawing at each other for weeks and both claim to be the true Ironman of RPW. Lykarn was the Ironman Champion until he got stripped of his belt for holding on to a submission on Hakai Dragon way past the bell.

Brandenburg stepped up and captured the Ironman Title in the following show. Now everything is on the line as these two finally collide in one on one action.

Rounding up our title defenses we have No Limits champion Mr. Nice Guy going head to head with Grunge Lover Kirk Cobain. Cobain has been struggling with himself under the influence of noted anarchist Sirius Danger. "The Manifestation of Randomization" has spent most of his time victimizing Cobain, trying to force him into unleashing his hidden thirst for violence.

The normally calm-tempered Cobain has not been unfazed by this psychological attack as his behavior as of late can only be described as erratic.

MNG remains the sole champion of the British Empire Faction, which at one point managed to control all of the gold. And the young and talented phenom will do anything and everything to ensure that he retains his title in front of his hometown crowd. The Nice Guy's fast paced and acrobatic style and his strong sense of honor have allowed him to retain more than a few fans, even when he forms a part of the nefarious British Empire led by Ian Jones. We expect this London crowd to rally behind him and to severly punish Cobain for his association with Sirius Danger.

The next number one Contender for the Heavyweight crown will be decided during British Uprising as Jafaar al-Sultan collides with South American powerhouse El Omega 23 in a Prison Cell match.

The 1% led by Sultan and Dominic Golden has gone to war with Diego San Martin's Latin American Wrecking Crew and it's been months of constant struggle between the two factions. Everything has been building up to this decisive moment where both factions will try to position themselves at the top of the RPW mountain.

Jafaar and Omega have faced in a number of ocassions but a true winner has never been determined as most of their matches have ended in outside interference and they even went into a time limit draw once. At British Uprising we are sure to get a clear winner when both men enter the Prison Cell.

The Prison Cell is a deadly metallic structure that will prevent member from the LAWC and 1% to interfere in this contest, and only one man will walk out of the Prison as the number 1 contender.

Also in the card:

RPW Newcomer Alex Monroe attempts to prove that he belongs, as he goes up against Brett "The Chief" Bannion.

Tough Wrestiling Veteran Shane Adames fights for an RPW contract as he goes against a representative of Richard Goldstein, RPW's VP of Talent Relations.

"Ravishing" Ronnie Reynolds faces off against young prospect Enigma.

And a Big Battle Royal for number 1 contendership to the Ironman Title.

The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Cageside Seats readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Cageside Seats editors or staff.

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