Favorite Feuds of all time

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Hello fellow Cagesiders, as I anticipate the buildup to WrestleMania I cant help but think about the main reason I enjoy wrestling... The booking of feuds.

Yes, the matches themselves and how entertaining they are, are vitally important. Yet my favorite part of this wonderful sport is the feud and buildup to it. The promos, the match interference, the Mic work back and forth, and the antics leading up to the match.

So, my questions to you are simple, "What have been your favorite feuds of all time?" Not only that, but "Why that feud?" Or even, "What feud made you become a fan?"


My top 5 favorite feuds:

5. Macho Man/Ricky Steamboat and George The Animal Steele:

I loved how WWF got Elizabeth involved and had Steele kidnap her, plus it gave us possibly the greatest WrestleMania match of all time.

4. Hulk Hogan/Undertaker:

Thought this really would be the end of Hulkamania when I was a kid! Granted I think it should have lasted longer than it did, but it also led to the Title being vacated that set up Ric Flair's short run.

3. Rick Rude/Ultimate Warrior:

I thought thier matches were high quality and they really looked like they hated each other.

2. Shawn Michaels/Bret Hart:

Probably going to be a lot of peoples pick, but they put on great matches, not only together, but when other wrestlers were involved as well. Plus, their personalities being completely at opposite ends of the spectrum really drove the rivalry home, making it real and intense.

1. Goldust/Razor Ramon:

Cutting edge at the time and I thought that Goldust's character/gimmick was one of the only bright spots during this era... also when Razor wanted to, he could work in that ring. His matches with GoldDust for the IC title always entertained me. Plus, Goldust's Mic work during this feud -- I regard as the best of his career.

Which feud made me become a fan?

Hogan/Andre and Million Dollar man:

This was the feud that made me become a fan. I really (really) wanted to hate Ted Dibiase, but I always thought he was kinda cool. But the match at Saturday Night Main Event when he stole the title from Hogan... to me was a monumental moment.


Well, by my answers to the questions, you can tell what era of WWE is my favorite, and I'll probably get some heat for not including Stone Cold or some AE feuds. But that's okay, because these are MY favorite feuds and I'd love to find out yours!

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