Top 10 Belts In Pro Wrestling History

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Cagesiders, we have a new WWE championship. Many of you dislike the belt, but it brings back childhood memories. The belt reminds me of the prizes I used to get in my Count Chocula in my younger days.

Ah, good times.

All sarcasm aside, let's look back at the better days as we pick what was the best looking belt in the history of pro wrestling.

10. The Current WWE Tag Team Championship


Out of all the PG era belts, this has to be my favorite. Two mighty Spartans, set to battle to the death, and "Tag Team Champions" boldly shown in shining gold. A belt worthy of champions.

9. The Ruthless Aggression Women`s Title


Why this belt? It's not really for the belt itself, it's because it looks serious. The Diva's title is a sexist, gender stereotypical, eye sore of a championship. This one looks just as badass as any men's title, and it was little things like this that gave the women`s division something extra.

8. Current WWE U.S. Championship


The reason I give this belt props is because of the colors. Most belts that try to go for a color scheme usually look tacky, like a kids toy. This blends the red, white, and blue with the shining gold so well. And it's a hell of a lot cooler than Cena`s stupid ass spinner.

7. The Hardcore Championship


Why is this awesome piece of wrestling history only at 7? Well, it's really just another belt, with a lot of shit added to it. The duct tape and sharpie effect really sells it for me, though.

6. The WCW Tag Team Titles


This belt is perfect for the same reason the current WWE tag titles are. Atlas is seen on the front plate, carrying the world on his shoulders in the ultimate act of strength. Obtaining the title should also be seen as an incredible feet of power. Classy.

5. Original ECW Title


This belt encapsulates the spirit of Paul E. Dangerously and his merry band of hardcore maniacs perfectly. At the time, The WCW and WWF championship belts were classy, written in gold for a larger than life competitor. ECW wrote its in blood, like a psychopath scribbled it on. Basically, if you win this, you are the craziest bastard on Earth.

4. WWE Undisputed title


Classy lettering? Check

Companies logo present, but not the centerpiece? Check

A globe? Check.

Yep, this one is amazing. Short, sweet, and to the point, but oh so awesome.

3. Attitude Era WWF Championship


Why this one over the Undisputed title? Well, the Undisputed strap had only one globe. This one has 11 plus a giant fucking bald eagle. Simply badass.

2. The Smoking Skull WWF Title


BY GAWD, WHAT A BELT!! ITS A SKULL. THAT'S SMOKING. IT'S A SMOKING SKULL. This is what it's all about. A belt that says, "I'm about to open up a can of whoop ass on the next son of a bitch who looks at me the wrong way."

1.The WCW World Heavyweight Championship, or the Big Gold Belt


A crown above the globe to signify one thing. There are billions of people on Earth, and the holder of this belt is the best of them all. Truly fitting for a king, the belt is solid gold and engulfs the entire waist of the man carrying it.

That's my top 10. What's yours?

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