Fantasy Booking Wrestlemania 30

Whats going on Cagesiders. I have no clue why, but my head isn`t at the " grand daddy of them all " in 9 days, its at the one a year from now. Im so excited because I feel like its going to be the biggest wrestlemania ever. I know they say that every year, but I really feel there going to go for a complete blowout with this one. Even though theres no way to tell what there going to do for the big event, I can still dream right???

Show Opener: Christian v Dolph Ziggler for the WHC

If you weren`t aware, theres this guy named Dolph Ziggler, he`s like an indie guy or something that WWE hires occasionally to Job for the upcoming face. And its weird somehow he got put into the MITB match, and ACTUALLY WON. In all seriousness what a great match this would be. Two guys who have been shafted by the E there whole careers finally get the spotlight. They both sell well, and would put on a great match.

AJ Lee v Trish Stratus

Another cool little nugget I bet you didn`t know, is that the WWE has a women`s division. Again, just joking, but think about this. Is there any diva on the roster you give a flying FUCK about other than AJ?? ( Katelyn `s boobs dont count) This just works. AJ is a super over heel diva, she acts like a bitch, and come wrestlemania she gets a little stratusfaction. Simple booking is simple. No real reason, but for the hell of it.

Seth Rollins and chris Jericho v Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose for the tag team titles

Looking at this, your probably saying, What the fuck?? But lets think about this. I know the shield is going to implode eventually, and someone is turning face, but who?? Reigns is scary, not him. Ambrose just looks so underhanded, like hes always up to something. not him. Rollins, on the other hand, has that blond hair, and could actually make a good babyface. Now, why Chirs Jericho?? maybe Rollins sees he was wrong with the shield, and wants to become a company man. He respects all Y2J has done for the E. Once again, simple booking is simple.

Ryback V Brock Lesnar: HOSS FIGHT

If you dont think Rybacks gonna be one of the biggest stars in the company pretty soon, you haven`t been watching wrestling. One guy is big. The other guy is big. fight.

The Rock v Randy Orton For the WWE title

now THIS has potential. Rock has a checklist hes going through right now. What current stars can I have a main event match with. Cena - Check Punk - Check. Who is the 3rd biggest star?? Orton. This match could be very good for a lot of reasons. Orton can carry rock. Hes not to big for him, and they could keep this match under 20 minutes. If there going for an orton heel turn soon, this could be the right way to go about it. Have orton defend the title successively against the rock.

The Undertaker v John Cena ( undertakers retirement match )

For John Cena, he HAS to have it all. Once one " unbelievable goal" has been reached, that one thing he has to do for his career to mean anything, he needs a new " mission impossible ". After he beats the rock at WM29, he needs the undertaker to be his " new thing " This match`s booking could go a lot of ways. If punk somehow gets the rub this year, then that makes the match about ending takers career, and not the streak. Cena could say, I need to be the one guy to officially KILL the undertaker. I just think taker should go out losing to the top guy in the company. And yes, hes old school, he will go out loosing.

CM Punk v Stone Cold Steve Austin - The Main Event

I made an entire post about this match. I want this so bad. And I want punk to beat taker this year to really put him over. This would be it. Finally the BIGGEST MATCH EVER. The worlds baddest SOB, the rattlesnake, Austin 3:16, against The BEST IN THE WORLD, The man who broke the streak, an over 400 day title reign, the straight edge superstar, CM Punk. Im not joking when I say, I live in New York. I would save up all of my money, and fly to New Orleans, just to see this shit. If this doesn`t happen, I will be VERY disappointed.

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