Wrestlemania 29: How the Shield vs Show, Orton, Sheamus could steal the show.



If anyone were to tell you which Wrestlemania match would steal the show, you may say the match involving CM Punk against The Undertaker or point to the colossal rematch of Brock Lesnar against Triple H or the box office rematch of The Rock vs John Cena for the WWE title; with each match having something to emotionally invest upon, but if you were to ask me, I will say that the Shield against Big Show, Randy Orton and Sheamus has the greatest potential to steal the show.

The Shield, after debuting in last November, have quickly grown as one of the most dominant groups to ever debut in the WWE and even managing to overpower the super group of John Cena, Ryback and Sheamus. Now with 3 victories they head to Wrestlemania as an undefeated force and would coalesce to beat down on the good guys of Sheamus and Randy Orton, but one eventful encounter would see the awakening of the human bear, Big Show, reacting in self-defense and send the team hightailing into the crowds.

As the weeks progressed, an unlikely coalition between the three men would unite in the fashion of ‘the enemy of my enemy is my friend’, with Big Show and Sheamus sharing great animosity against one another and Orton being the glue of the team, but all sharing the common goal of defeating the menace known as the Shield.

With such great ingredients in place, it has the recipe to produce a spectacular match at Wrestlemania.

Essentially the ideal match type would be a Tornado Tag match, a match so rarely used that in this instance it would create a chaotic 6 man tag match and gives the performers incredible freedom in the match.

It opens up the ability for team S.O.S (my coining of the team) to dominate the Shield early in the match, but eventually fall victim to the superior teamwork of the Shield. It also provides great spots such as Seth Rollins doing a leap of faith to someone on the announce table or even a triple powerbomb to Big Show onto the announce table, but the most awesome spot would be to see Big Show attempting to spear Dean Ambrose, but is intercepted by Roman Reigns with a spear of his own and send both him and Show through the barricade, similar to the spot Sheamus got speared through in Elimination Chamber, but more in a NFL tackle fashion.



The match needs to showcase the total destruction of Big Show.

With the biggest swerve coming from a Randy Orton heel turn, where both he and Sheamus valiantly work to beat the Shield, only for Sheamus to get hit by a RKO out of nowhere followed by a kick to the head and Orton quietly leaving the ring amidst the shocked audience. His reasoning can steam from not wanting to face the Shield, but rather setting his sights on the WWE championship.

This heel turn propels Orton back to the main event joining John Cena and CM Punk, forming an interesting main event triangle and allowing other stars to join to their level and establish themselves as main event players.

A betrayed Sheamus is left to fight alone, with no one to help, not even Big Show. This is where he becomes a warrior baby face, portraying a never give up attitude, but ultimately is overpowered and beaten down to unconsciousness that it actually helps his face image grow even more. A bleeding Sheamus will reinforce that image and highly reminiscent of Steve Austin in WM 13.

In the end the Shield come off as victors from a match that benefits all parties in terms of storyline progression. Sheamus gets more over as Face, Orton becomes a Heel, Show gets destroyed, but becomes a vicious monster heel and the Shield continues its streak as the most dominant force.

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