WWE 'Main Event' results and reactions from last night (March 20): An unfortunate trend

WWE 'Main Event' returned last night (Mar. 20, 2013); featuring Intercontinental Champion Wade Barrett going one-on-one with R-Truth, Natalya & Layla facing off against Alicia Fox & Aksana, and The Usos taking on The PrimeTime Players. We got the reactions right here!

WWE 'Main Event' returned last night (Mar. 20, 2013) with the reigning Intercontinental Champion going over R-Truth in a non-title bout. We also saw some Divas tag team action with Natalya & Layla facing Alicia Fox & Arksana, and more traditional tag teams with The Usos taking on The Primetime Players.

It was another weak showing by Main Event, and unfortunately this seems to be a trend moving forward.

If you missed the show, or just want to go back and read the live blog again, click here.

To the reactions!

  • It's a damn shame that even when Wade Barrett gets screen time, it does't feel like he's actually doing anything with it. I can't put my finger on it, but it just feels as if he's going through the motions. Maybe it's because he has been booked so weak as champion. Perhaps it's because he's being relegated to the C-Show. Or it could just be he doesn't have the character to inspire any hate. But Barrett is so damn boring that it's almost painful to watch.
  • Speaking of painful to watch, Barrett vs. R-Truth was just dreadful. Slow, plodding, and just a boring finish. Barrett should be a beast of a man, but he doesn't really show it in the ring. Truth is a pretty athletic guy, but he stayed grounded for the match. It's always awkward to see two guys with no chemistry in the ring, especially when it's the main event of a show. Please find separate dance partners for these two, WWE.
  • The Miz attacked Barrett after the match. I feel like he does this every week, no? Is he ever going to be involved in an actual feud, or just jump heels on Weds. nights? Also, when will people learn not to venture so close to the announcers table when Miz is right there? If you are a bad guy and you're gloating, he's going to attack you. It's basically a troupe at this point.
  • The rest of the show didn't far much better. The Divas tag match was okay for what it was, with Natalya submitting Alicia Fox with the Sharpshooter, but I'm getting tired so writing "good for a Divas match" over and over. Layla needs to stop making an ass of herself with the butt bumps. Arksana should stay as far away from the ring as possible. Fox always seems to have unfilled potential in the ring, but should never handle a mic. Natalya is the only one actually work watching, but she never seems to have a quality opponent. It's just a damn shame to see her get stuck in this group. Maybe the new Divas call ups will offer a reprieve.
  • The Usos vs. The Primetime Players was about as paint by the numbers a WWE tag team match gets, with The Usos picking up the pinfall victory. Not a bad match by any stretch. But without any connection to the group, it just becomes an exercise in redundancy. The tag team division was supposed to be in the middle of a revival, yet these teams are struggling to find any meaningful footing. You cannot ask the fans to care about the match when the promotion itself doesn't give a crap.

I really don't enjoy crapping all over WWE's shows. My job is so much easier when I can rave how awesome the product is. But it's pathetic WWE is turning out garbage in the weeks leading up to WrestleMania 29.

Grade: D

What say you, Cagesiders? Am I being too hard on WWE's Weds. night offering, or are my criticisms spot on? Let me know how right -- or how wrong -- I am, in the comments.

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