Should WWE sign Rey Misterio?



You may have stumbled onto this story with the thought of "Huh?!? Rey Mysterio is already hired by the WWE", but I ask you to read the headline again and this time notice spelling of the name.

It may go against our thinking that there may be two Rey Mysterio's wrestling at this very moment, but there is another Mysterio, he is just a unknown entity to the majority of wrestling fans. The Rey 'Misterio' I wish to focus on goes by the name of, El Hijo de Rey Misterio; literally meaning The Son of Rey Misterio.

If you are unaware of the Mysterio lineage it all began with the first, Rey Misterio Sr, who would groom his nephew, Rey Mysterio Jr, to become his successor. His nephew would go onto have a legendary career that would span over 20 years and be regarded as one of the greatest luchadors all of time.

Now at the of age 38 we find ourselves with a Mysterio who has been broken by his many years of work. With a history of injuries; mainly focusing around his knee, we would recently find out that Mysterio Jr has yet again sustained a knee injury and has forced him out of action. This has somewhat raised a debate on whether he should retire or not and there have even been reports of WWE officials discussing his retirement.

It may not be a surprise if WWE is somewhat displeased about his near retirement, since the popularity of his merchandise, notably his masks, bring in vast amounts of revenue for the company. To lose a wrestler that valuable would not only lead to a loss of star power, but also have an influence on merchandise sales.

This is why I propose the signing of El Hijo de Rey Misterio, the son of Rey Misterio Sr and cousin to Rey Mysterio Jr. At the age of 24, it would be foolish if WWE do not have him under their radar and work on building a Mysterio successor.

Much like how Rey Mysterio Jr's uncle passed the torch to him, I believe it is time for Mysterio Jr to pass the torch to his younger counterpart, El Hijo de Rey Misterio.

Interview with Hijo De Rey Misterio on his Extreme Rising debut (via PWinsiderTV)

The signing of this talent would not only ensure a successor, but also continue the legacy of the Mysterio name much like previous wrestling royalty such as the Hart's, Guerrero's etc.

However that does not grant this new Misterio the opportunity to appear on television immediately. Although he would train from the age of 13 and make his debut in 2006, he still has to gain the necessary experience to wrestle on TV. For this new Mysterio to be successful he must develop his skills as a wrestler and be able to perform various styles that would agree with the WWE style of wrestling. He would also have to perform beyond what he maybe capable of in order to meet the legacy of his predecessor.

It would be wise on WWE to nurture his talents in a developmental territory such as NXT, so he is ready to be called up to the main roster.

This would provide WWE a unique opportunity to debut his character. With two Rey Mysterio's in the roster, it is bound to bring some confusion among the fans, but bringing this new Mysterio as a heel would easily differentiate the two and allow a interesting story of a young and jealous Mysterio in pursuit of ending his cousins career and taking what he feels belong to him, the Mysterio mask. It may culminate to a match involving stipulations of Mask vs Mask and if such a match were to happen, I believe the younger, victorious Mysterio should turn face and not reveal the identity of his cousin, but to preserve and honour his legacy.

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