TMZ exclusive: former WWE star Chris Masters saves his mother from arson attack

This is the sort of story Vince McMahon would love from a WWE superstar. - facebook/TMZ/WWE-fair use news image

In a nice change of pace, TMZ has publicised the bizarre story of Chris Masters having to save his mum from her burning home, after a deranged neighbour set fire to the place. Could this good PR lead to a return to WWE for "The Masterpiece"?

In a rarity, the bloodhounds at had a positive news story about professional wrestling today. Making a refreshing change from all the arrests, divorces and dirty videos that usually make the headlines, this time they ran with an exclusive piece about former WWE wrestler "The Masterpiece" Chris Masters doing a heroic deed in real life.

Maybe there was a tinge of hyperbole in their coverage, but apparently Chris Mordetsky saved his mother from an arson attack by a crazed neighbour when he used a tree to break into her burning house and escort her to safety:

"Former WWE superstar Chris "The Masterpiece" Masters saved his mother from burning to death by uprooting a tree with his bare hands and using it as a battering ram to enter her house.

Masters -- real name Chris Mordetzky -- tells us, he rushed to his mother's L.A. home yesterday after his uncle called and said a neighbor had gone crazy and barricaded himself inside her house.

When Chris showed up, the neighbor was shouting through the front door that he would burn the place down if anyone tried to gain entry.

Chris says he tried talking sense into the guy, but he wasn't having it -- so Chris called the cops ... but when they showed up, the neighbor set the house on fire.

Chris jumped into hero mode -- tearing a tree out of the ground and tossing it through a window.

Chris reached through the window and removed his mom from the inferno ... at which point police rushed in and arrested the neighbor on arson charges."

I wouldn't put it past TMZ to spice up the story to garner greater hits, but certainly by rushing to the scene and getting the authorities involved at the right moment Mordetsky helped prevent what could have easily become a family tragedy.

Here's what Masters had to say about the incident on Twitter:

Saved my mom's life! Son of a bitchbarricaded my mom in her apt & set the place on fire. I broke my mom's window with police help & pulled her out.

Here's the aftermath. So thankful my moms alive!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers. AHole got his from me!!! And is in jail as I type this. Mom's resting comfortably with me at my place.

Pulled down a tree to bust my mom's windows open and get her out of the house.

I'll be on TMZ live at 2pm pst to explain exactly what happened last night. Tune in!

The devastation

Just posted a photo


I'll be on @TMZLive in 15mins with story from yesterday. Check it out! Craziest day of my life!!!!!

Just posted a photo

You certainly can't blame the man for trying to maximise the media attention that this regrettable episode gave him the opportunity to garner.

If WWE or TNA were savvy, then they would at least consider giving Chris Masters another shot and use the good publicity to push him as a courageous and valiant superhuman. It couldn't be any worse than the big pushes for dancing heel Fandango or musclebound blob Rob Terry, right?

What do you say, Cagesiders? Would you like this gallant act to lead to a return to one of mainstream leagues for the previously underrated and under utilised Masterpiece too?

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