WWE: My apathy is strong

Editor's Note: This FanPost has been mildly edited for your enjoyment, Cagesiders!


Thank the entertainment gods for Hulu. I seriously believe with all of my heart, that if I could not watch WWE programming at my leisure (without the ability to fast-forward) I don't think I could watch the current product.

In a time when WWE has one of the best rosters its had in years, after patiently waiting for new stars to take the next step (like they have been recently)...finally, WWE has the potential to blow the roof off the place, yet it's barely making it from show to show.

I have so many things I want to say, so many things to get off my chest that it's hard to know where to start. So, I will start by asking this question, "Mr. McMahon, how the hell do you wait until one month before ‘Mania to change your creative lead on Raw?" During an era where you have paid millions upon millions of dollars to part-time workers to pump up your show's buy-rate, how can you have not figured out and finalized the damn card?

Most importantly, how do you not make sure that the WWE champion is on Raw every week?

I know that last point has been complained about deep into the ground. Hell, I don't even want to see The Rock on my TV. But, you just unveiled the new title a month ago and I've seen it more often on late night comedy shows more than I have on WWE television. That is completely and utterly ridiculously unacceptable.

With the lack of a real "main-event" to watch develop, there are three enjoyable storylines, worth not forwarding past:

  • The first is the obvious upcoming bout between Punk and The Undertaker. CM Punk really has become the star of Raw in the last year. The infamous pipe-bomb promo started his rise, but it has taken a lot of hard work and innovation for him to continue to move up to his real place at the top... but he is getting closer.
  • The second thing I am enjoying is the stuff being done with the Shield. They never fail to excite me.
  • Third, is the Ryback/Henry confrontation; when the two storylines crashed into each other on SmackDown, I jumped out of my chair I was so excited.

The rest of the card is very... meh. I think I would actually enjoy the Brock Lesnar angle more if Triple H wasn't involved. Here's the thing, I respect The Game, and everything he has accomplished, but he just drones on-and-on, and on; the dude really needs to stop saying everything three times.

Plus, it suffers from the same problem as with The Rock -- Brock is being paid a huge amount of money -- he should be there every week leading up to ‘Mania, but he's not. WWE used up a lot of his contracted appearance dates earlier in the year, and all of those programs were weakened because they were trying to save dates for the build to ‘Mania and they still don't have enough for him to be there every week!

Okay, I have ranted and now it's out of my system. I can maybe enjoy the product a little more, but I doubt it. Am I the only one upset about all of this right now?

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