WWE Superstars results and reactions from March 14: Seeing is Believing

It hasn't been a great week for WWE programming on the Road to Wrestlemania, and a show that's made up of a half-hour of footage from 'Raw' probably can't change that. R-Truth and Zack Ryder are out to prove me wrong, though. I suppose anything's possible...

I watch NXT and Superstars each week on the HuluPlus streaming service.

I've mentioned before in the comments that I feel like I get my money's worth ($7.99 US per month) - NXT is always watchable, the focus of this post surprises with a strong match every once in a while and I can watch fast-forwardable versions of Raw and Smackdown.

Last night, I noticed Hulu's description of Superstars for the first time:

WWE Superstars features the best of the best, in matches you'll have to see to believe. You never know what to expect... so expect everything.

Ha. Sometimes the jokes write themselves.

R-Truth defeats Michael McGillicutty

in approximately eight minutes via pinfall

• It's been a few weeks since we've seen my boy McGillicutty. He's gained a skullie and grown his beard out. But he's still intense, directionless and about to job to an African-American on Superstars.

• The continuing-to-improve Tony Dawson tells us that Truth has been out since the TLC pay-per-view (PPV) due to the gash he incurred on his knee in a match against Antonio Cesaro. That was a nasty cut, but 52 days for stitches? Wow. Not sure if it is that he's on this show or if it's how he'll be acting now that he's back, but this is more of the rapping and dancing babyface from 2008-2010 than the conspiracy theorist/imaginary friend guy from his heel turn and tag runs.

• Mr. Intensity comes out snarlin' and brawlin' just like I like him to. He's looked crisper, though. Maybe he doesn't have great chemistry with the former United States champion - things like the "take us to the break" spot where he knocks Truth from the turnbuckle down to the floor look sloppy instead of vicious.

• The continuing-to-suck Matt Striker tells us that Truth once wrestled against MM's pops, Curt Hennig. I guess that would have had to be toward the end of Mr. Perfect's life - that last post-Royal Rumble comeback run in WWE or that time he feuded with Jeff Jarrett in early TNA? Any Cageside historians able to verify or deny?

• At one point while he has control, McGillicutty yells at the audience to "take a look at me now". Probably don't want to invoke Phil Collins' theme song to Against All Odds if we're going to get the intense gimmick over, big guy. He hits a nice Exploder suplex late in the match though that would have ended this if I had the book.

• Instead, Mr Killings "truths up" a couple of times before hitting an inverted suplex cutter and his Lie Detector finisher.

After that we get the highlights version of HHH's promo from two weeks ago and parts of the segment with Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman from Monday night. Then it's the video package of Johnny and the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad year.

Match Footage below via WWE.com''s Official YouTube Channel;


Zack Ryder defeats JTG

in approximately four minutes via pinfall

• Zacky boy seems to be growing his hair out, making him look even more like a Zoolander character. The announce teams spend most of this thankfully brief affair talking about whether or not Ryder will have a role at the relatively-close-to-Long Island Wrestlemania 29.

• JTG stands for "Jason the Gangsta". I did not know that. Jason heels it up by taunting the Iced Z, and does my favorite thing in the match when he kneels down to bicker with the ref so that his shin crushes Ryder's windpipe.

• Striker, who is a heel for this contest after being a face for the last one, is siding with Brooklyn in this one. At one point he says that he likes JTG because he doesn't whine to management trying to get noticed. Yikes - I wonder if Vince is in the ear of the Superstars booth, too.

• Ryder hits his version of the five moves of doom and we're out.

Match Footage below via WWE.com''s Official YouTube Channel;

This baby wraps up with a twelve minute segment recapping all of the CM Punk/Undertaker/Kane urn thieving action from Raw. Including when Vickie and Brad make the main event match, for you Brickie fans out there.

I'm calling this one a D. It probably should be lower, but as a card-carrying McGillibuddy, I have to pass it.

Whaddayasay, Cagesiders? Should Ryder be at 'Mania? Excited for more hip-hop from R-Truth? Give us your best shot!

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