WWE Main Event results and live blog for Mar. 13: Two Dozen Days til 'Mania

Tonight (Mar. 13) Big Show vs. the World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio is your non-title main event match on WWE's Main Event

Complete results and the running live blog for tonight's (Mar. 13, 2013) episode of WWE "Main Event"; featuring Big Show vs. World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio in a non-title match, Jack Swagger, The Usos vs. McIntyre/Slater of 3MB, Wade Barrett vs. Justin Gabriel, and the Miz on commentary.

WWE Main Event comes waltzing back into our lives tonight (Mar. 13, 2013) at 8e/7c on ION Television from Fort Wayne, Indiana; featuring Big Show vs. World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio in a non-title match, with a likely appearance from Jack Swagger.

In addition, this week's episode will showcase a none too brief bout consisting of 'The Usos vs. McIntyre/Slater of 3MB', as well as a predictable match between Dead Man Down 'co-star' Wade Barrett and Justin Gabriel. And, The Miz is back on commentary this week...


Come back here at precisely 8:00 p.m. ET for complete results & the running live blog, which will start right below this line, hanging out here is guaranteed to enhance your viewing experience tonight...



C. J. Bradford here to kick off your humpday-eve with just the right amount of hump, Cagesiders!

Alberto Del Rio making his way to the ring.

A "Si!" chant breaks out in the arena.

Del Rio has a big smile on his face, because he wants to show us something really, really funny. His opponent at WrestleMania Jack Swagger claims to be a "real American." But there are plenty of people here in Ft. Wayne, Indiana -- mmm cheap pop -- and around this country who came from elsewhere.

But we are all made in America.

Del Rio tells us that Swagger and Zeb Colter get that wrong. Although there are times they are very funny.

Recap of Del Rio's and Ricardo Rodriguez's parody propaganda.

Del Rio says now it's time to get down to business. He has a really big opponent...


Get it, folks?! It's a BIG opponent! Because it's The BIG Show! He's BIG! GET IT?


Alberto Del Rio vs. The Big Show

Show starts things off early with a head butt, sending Del Rio into the ropes. He follows it with a chop, sending the champion to the outside.

Show tries to chase him out, but Del Rio proves too quick and rolls back into the ring. The giant's caught in the ropes, unable to get in or out.

Del Rio hits a huge backstabber! Show has to roll out of the ring for a breather.

Suddenly Swagger and Colter walk out from behind the curtain and stand at the top of the ramp, watching, waiting.

We come back from commercial with Show dominating Del Rio. He goes to work on the champion's arm and shoulder. Del Rio struggles to fight back, but Show keeps going back to it.

Show sends Del Rio into the corner. He tries to follow, but Del Rio is able to get the knees up.

It barely phases the giant, though. He sets Del Rio up for the powerbomb...

But Del Rio reverses into a head scissors takedown!

Del Rio from the top rope with a seated senton!

Only good for two.

Del Rio with a few choice kicks, followed by a superkick.

Only gets a two count.

Del Rio goes for the cross arm breaker!

Show simply lifts him up over the top rope.

But Del Rio is still holding on!

Show manages to shake him off, dropping Del Rio to the floor.

And here comes Swagger to chop Del Rio at the knees!

Ref hits the ten count, and there's your match.

Crap, crap, crap.


The Usos vs. 3MB

Jimmy and Heath Slater start things off. Slater hits the arm drag before doing a little dance.

Jimmy then smacks him upside the head.

Jey gets the tag. The Usos deliver a tag team clothesline.

Only good for a two count.

Jey is sent flying to the outside.

Drew gets the tag and goes to work by dropping Jey into the apron. He then rolls Jey back into the ring and tags Slater back in.

Slater with a few sharp rights to drop Jay.

Only gets a two count.

Slater with the head lock. He runs up the ring post...

And Jay is able to reverse into a bull dog.

Both men are crawling to their corners...

And Jimmy gets the hot tag! Drew gets the hot tag! Everyone gets a hot tag!

Jimmy series of punches to send Drew reeling. Jimmy sends him off the ropes, but Drew comes back with a kick to the jaw.

Jay starts mouthing off, distracting Drew. Jimmy is there to take advantage with a samoan drop. He follows it up with a big butt in the corner.

Only gets a two count

Slater flies across the ring, but misses everything and flies right out.

A Superfly Splash from Jimmy, and that gets the three count. The Usos are your winner.


Video hype for The Rock vs. John Cena at WrestleMania 29.


Recap of Brock Lesnar destroying the New Age Outlaws on Monday Night Raw.


Wade Barrett vs. Justin Gabriel

Wade with the high knees to start things off.

Justin turns things around with an arm drag and a few quick strikes.

Roll up cover for one.

A Second rope clothesline from Justin, followed by a whip to the post. Wade bounces off and falls to the mat.

To the top rope we go...

Wade is there to knock Justin off his perch.

Wade delivers an assault of forearms and huge running knee.

Only gets a two count.

Justin is tied up in the ropes. Wade lands a series of knees before hitting the running boot.

Another two count.

Wade with the head lock.

Justin fights back with some smart elbows. He starts landing lefts, rights, chops, and spinning kicks. Wade staggers into the corner. Justin goes for the splash...

Wade manages to move out of the way...

But Justin don't care! He jumps onto the second rope and delivers a spinning kick.

To the top rope we go!

But again Wade rolls out of the way.

Justin rolls through and turns around, but Wade is waiting with a kick to the gut!

Wade goes for the Bullhammer...

But Justin is able to duck out of the way! He jumps onto the turnbuckle, jumps off..

Right into a reloaded Bullhammer. That puts Justin down for the three count. Wade Barrett is your winner.


Recap of CM Punk ruining Paul Bearer's ceremony on Monday Night Raw.


End of this piece of [explicit] show.

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