Week in Wrestling: Mar. 3 to Mar. 9 - The Undertaker's return to WWE!

The Undertaker and Triple H are back - it must be WrestleMania season again! - Photo by Steve Wright Jr. of Flickr via Wikimedia Commons.

Catch up on all the results from WWE and TNA television shows with the tenth Cageside Seats Week in Wrestling of 2013! This was the week that The Undertaker returned to WWE Monday Night Raw, which had an old school theme, and Bully Ray spent his last week pretending to be a babyface.

Hello, Cagesiders! Welcome to the tenth Cageside Seats Week in Wrestling of 2013!

What happened last week? Find out below, Cagesiders.


Raw (Mar. 4th)

  • The show started off with a tease of an appearance by The Undertaker, but CM Punk with Paul Heyman came out instead, cutting a promo claiming that at WrestleMania he would beat The Deadman and end his streak. Randy Orton, Big Show and Sheamus also wanted the opportunity, so Vickie Guerrero booked a Fatal Four Way match between the foursome to determine the challenger to Undertaker at WM.
  • Ryback pinned Antonio Cesaro with the Shellshock. After the match, Ryback had a staredown with Mark Henry, who was coming out for the next bout.
  • Mark Henry pinned Zack Ryder with the World's Strongest Slam.
  • The Miz (with Ric Flair) submitted Dolph Ziggler (with AJ Lee & Big E Langston) using the Figure Four.
  • The Rock and John Cena had a confrontation, where Cena put over how devastating last year's loss to the movie star was for his professional and personal life, while Rock told Cena how he was full of crap just like Lance Armstrong was (he's one to talk).
  • Hacksaw Jim Duggan (with Dusty Rhodes and Sgt. Slaughter) defeated Jack Swagger (with Zeb Colter) by disqualification when Swagger immediately hit Duggan with the 2x4. The dastardly heel then took out Rhodes and Slaughter with the wooden plank and clamped the Patriot Act on Duggan until the ref prised him off.
  • This led to a pull apart brawl between Alberto Del Rio and Jack Swagger backstage.
  • Team Hell No defeated The Prime Time Players when Kane pinned Darren Young with the chokeslam. After the match, The Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase stuffed a 100 dollar bill into Darren Young's mouth, but Daniel Bryan stole it off him.
  • Heath Slater told The Honky Tonk Man that he should return to Las Vegas.
  • This led to Brodus Clay & Tensai quickly defeating Heath Slater & Drew McIntyre when Tensai rolled up McIntyre for the pin. Afterwards, Honky broke his guitar over Slater’s head.
  • Kofi Kingston vs. Fandango didn't happen as Fandango refused to wrestle due to Justin Roberts mispronouncing his name.
  • In his first promo back, Triple H officially challenged Brock Lesnar to a match at Wrestlemania 29.
  • A handheld cam vignette by The Shield aired where they threatened Randy Orton, Sheamus and Big Show.
  • Alberto Del Rio submitted Wade Barrett with an arm bar, despite being momentarily distracted by Jack Swagger.
  • A video promo by Jack Swagger and Zeb Colter about political correctness aired.
  • The New Age Outlaws defeated Epico and Primo when Billy Gunn pinned Primo with the Fameasser.
  • Mean Gene Okerlund hosted a party for Mae Young's 90th birthday, which was rudely interrupted by CM Punk and Paul Heyman.
  • CM Punk unsurprisingly defeated Randy Orton, Sheamus and Big Show in the Fatal Four Way match to determine The Undertaker's opponent at WrestleMania when Punk pinned Orton with the GTS, which was perfect timing for the bells to toll, the funeral dirge to play and The Deadman to raise fire from the stage and glare in Punk's direction.

NXT (Mar. 6th)

  • Due to last week's no-contest, NXT Commissioner Dusty Rhodes booked a rematch between Bo Dallas, Conor O'Brian and Corey Graves to determine the number one contender to the NXT Championship and said he had spent money from his own pockets to hire additional security to keep The Shield out of the arena to guarantee a victor.
  • Adrian Neville's tag team partner Oliver Grey was missing and he didn't know where he was despite warming up with him earlier and having a match scheduled now.
  • Adrian Neville defeated Scott Dawson and Judas Devlin in a handicap match when Neville pinned Dawson with the corkscrew shooting star press. During the match The Wyatt Family dragged Oliver Grey's limp carcass out to the top of the ramp, but Neville still won regardless of this distraction. Afterwards, The Man That Gravity Forgot tended to the wellbeing of his fallen comrade.
  • Kassius Ohno did a promo hyping his match next week with Derek Bateman and building up his feud with William Regal, who he called "a great villain masquerading as a hero".
  • Leo Kruger submitted Yoshi Tatsu with an armlock. After the match, Kruger reapplied his finishing hold until Justin Gabriel made the save.
  • Cameron, Naomi & Sasha Banks defeated Alicia Fox, Aksana & Audrey Marie when Naomi pinned Ms Marie with a flashy scissor kick.
  • Bray Wyatt interrupted his real-life brother's Bo Dallas' white meat babyface promo to tell him that he would have had protection against The Shield's interference last week if he only had joined his creepy family. Dallas wisely wanted nothing to do with them.
  • Summer Rae claimed that the lonely losers in attendance only like Paige because they think that she's attainable, unlike her good self, in a promo furthering that feud and setting up a match with Emma next week.
  • A shaky cam video from The Shield's secret hideout aired where they declared that although they've been distracted by business on Raw and Smackdown, they haven't forgotten the injustice that caused Seth Rollins to lose the NXT title.
  • Conor O'Brian defeated Bo Dallas & Corey Graves in a three-way match to become the #1 contender to the NXT Championship when Dallas was distracted by Bray Wyatt and O'Brian pinned him with a full nelson slam.

Main Event (Mar. 6th)

  • Wade Barrett bragged about attending the red carpet premiere of his movie, Dead Man Down, the previous night, until Randy Orton interrupted him.
  • Randy Orton pinned Wade Barrett with the RKO.
  • Cody Rhodes pinned Zack Ryder with the Cross Rhodes.
  • Sin Cara pinned Antonio Cesaro with a top rope hurricanrana.

Superstars (Mar. 7th)

  • The show opened with a graphic of the late Paul Bearer.
  • Team Rhodes Scholars defeated The Usos when Cody Rhodes pinned Jimmy Uso with the Disaster Kick.
  • Layla pinned Tamina Snuka with a roll-up.

Smackdown (Mar. 8th)

  • Jack Swagger and Zeb Colter started the show with their usual anti-Mexican immigrant rhetoric. Alberto Del Rio and Ricardo Rodriguez then came out and aired a spoof video impersonating those two Real Americans, which left the heels really pissed off.
  • Team Hell No defeated Heath Slater & Drew McIntyre when Daniel Bryan submitted Slater with the No Lock. As usual, Kane and Bryan squabbled after the match.
  • Dolph Ziggler promised to make history in his title match against Alberto Del Rio tonight. I guess he didn't mean attempting to break the record for most jobs of a title contender in history.
  • Ryback and Mark Henry had another brief stare down backstage.
  • Ryback pinned Damien Sandow with the Shell Shock.
  • Big Show doesn't understand The Shield's beef, as he just enjoys knocking people out that are in his way. He blamed Sheamus and Orton for being attacked by the mercenary trio.
  • Alberto Del Rio submitted Dolph Ziggler with his Cross Arm Breaker. During the match, Ricardo Rodriguez threw a bucket of water at Big E Langston, who dodged out of the way and it hit AJ Lee instead.
  • Former love interests AJ Lee and Daniel Bryan had an uneasy reunion backstage with AJ making fun of Bryan for losing the World Heavyweight title in 18 seconds to Sheamus at last year's WrestleMania, while Bryan insinuated that AJ's sex with Dolph Ziggler is over just as fast.
  • Mark Henry pinned Yoshi Tatsu with the World's Strongest Slam.
  • Sheamus did a comedy promo bitching that Big Show never thinks that anything is his own fault.
  • Tamina Snuka quickly pinned Kaitlyn in a non-title match with the Samoan drop when Layla accidentally distracted the WWE Divas champion.
  • Cody Rhodes asked his academic best bud Damien Sandow what he thought of Kaitlyn as a woman. His illuminating answer was stated thusly: "She's made the most with what she can, considering she has come from a clearly deficient genetic pool."
  • Once again Fandango refused to wrestle as Lillian Garcia continually mispronounced his name.
  • Smackdown GM Booker T is upset at Fandango's behaviour and wanted his assistant Teddy Long to find him.
  • Another of Jack Swagger and Zeb Colter's propaganda videos aired.
  • Sheamus vs. The Big Show ended in a no-contest when The Shield predictably interfered. Randy Orton attempted to make the save, but failed miserably. However, Show recovered, cleaned house and helped the two babyfaces rid the ring of The Shield. Then he KO'd Sheamus with the WMD and got hit with an RKO from Orton.

Saturday Morning Slam (Mar. 9th)

  • Natalya pinned AJ Lee when she reversed the momentum of a top rope cross body block.
  • Daniel Bryan pinned Wade Barrett with a crucifix. After the match, Bryan hugged his tag team partner Kane who had been announcing during the match. You can tell this show is taped!
  • Next week the new General Manager of Saturday Morning Slam will be revealed. It's about time!


Impact Wrestling (Mar. 7th)

  • The show started with Kurt Angle refusing to tell us who the leader of Aces & 8s was whom he had unmasked last week.
  • Austin Aries informed us that he has no idea where Bobby Roode is, but that's okay, as he won last week with out his partner, before calling out Jeff Hardy.
  • Jeff Hardy defeated Austin Aries by disqualification when Matt Morgan interfered. Bully Ray made the save for his opponent at Lockdown.
  • Matt Morgan promised that he would gut through the entire TNA roster just as he had warned Hulk Hogan that he would do in the past.
  • Wes Brisco did a promo claiming he would use Kurt Angle as a stepping stone at Lockdown. This led to a brawl between the two, which Al Snow and D'Lo Brown were attempting to break up when D'Lo turned on Angle and revealed himself to be the VP of Aces & 8s. Shouldn't Kurt have seen that coming?
  • Devon pinned Sting with a Yakuza kick after a planted fan hit Sting in the face with a beer.
  • Gail Kim told Velvet Sky that she's serving the champion notice, which led to Sky slapping her in the face.
  • Lei'd Tapa was given the opportunity to talk her way into a Gut Check contract over Ivelisse Vélez in a questionable decision.
  • Chavo Guerrero, Hernandez & Velvet Sky defeated Christopher Daniels, Kazarian & Gail Kim when Gail pinned Sky with the Eat Defeat.
  • AJ Styles' friend was looking for him when AJ appeared and slammed his friend's head into a car. No more Mr. Nice Guy!
  • Magnus & Samoa Joe defeated DOC & Garrett Bischoff when Magnus pinned DOC with a top rope elbow drop.
  • Lei'd Tapa won a Gut Check contract by two votes to one.
  • Robbie E told Rob Terry that he will "never, ever, ever be on the Bro List again."
  • Mr. Anderson pinned James Storm with the Mic Check.
  • In the main event segment Bully Ray told Jeff Hardy how proud he was of him for battling back from his personal demons to become the World champ again and with Hulk Hogan's encouragement they finally shook hands. Of course, Aces and 8s had to come down to spoil this special moment, but thankfully Team TNA stopped the stable from beating the two babyface headliners up and ruining the Lockdown main event. The show ended with a big brawl between the two factions.

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