WWE FL: Feb. 11 (Sea. 1, Wk. 4)

This is the FanPost for Week 3 Results, and for posting your Week 4 picks.

Your 8 picks are due Monday, February 11, before RAW begins taping.

Wrestlers chosen will earn points at this week's Raw, SmackDown, and Main Event.

Cheers! And good luck! If you haven't joined the game yet, please do! It's never too late. *thumbs up*

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Week 3 Results

Each week, I edit a Google Spreadsheet document to give us our scores. The document includes:

Feel free to check out any math you want, or double-check to make sure I got your picks right.

If you're wondering what each wrestler did on each show, I will post that as a separate comment to this FanPost, so as to not clutter things further.

Now, without delay, Week 3 Results:

  1. 144 - AlexMathew.XtremeHardyolic
  2. 130 - Kanenite
  3. 123 - C.J. Bradford
  4. 120 - jsims2
  5. 114 - liberty_JAC
  6. 110 - Dannie Ray
  7. 109 - Satish_Ram
  8. 108 - 49erLou
  9. 101 - DanosFC
  10. 79 - ReverendKain
  11. 37 - GreyedOut

Kanenite jumps to manages to maintain the early lead after one two three weeks -- with AlexMathew DanosFC still hot on the trail -- while the rest of us liberty_JAC already looks like somewhat less of an amateur.

Congrats to AlexMathew on dethroning Kanenite's two week streak of producing the top score.

If you're wondering why GreyedOut had such a low score, it's because he/she/it/they made picks after RAW had already ended, so none of the RAW points counted.

"'The People' get one right"

10 of the 11 of us picked Sheamus, and 9 of 11 picked Daniel Bryan. With those two men coming in two of the top three scoring places this week, it seems cSs is either getting more intelligent or more lucky. Perhaps our collective consciousness is growing like the Geth or something. Either way, the Consensus Pick of the Week delivered.

"no man is an island"

Yours truly was the only one to pick Mysterio and Brodus Clay. Just because I run this thing doesn't mean I know what I'm doing, as they netted me 10 points altogether. ReverendKain, in the mean time, stuck his nose out for our good friend Albert, who at least garnered himself a "W" inside the squared circle and came away with 8 points. Still, this is the price we pay for our Courageous Picks of the Week.

"the rule of the return"

When a "Superstar" makes a surprise return, #WWELogic dictates that he must then go on a tear through the roster, because obviously he spent his time away from the ring climbing the tallest mountain in the deepest forest, hunting bears and lions with his bare hands and living off the land; meditating at dawn and staying up late drinking wine and being one with Dionysus and the forest creatures. Zarathustra returns mightier than ever.

Following that logic, Reverend and I took chances on Mysterio, Clay, and Tensai. However, myself included, only four of us took changes on the returning Jack Swagger, who actually followed the typical trope and produced 24 points thanks to two squash matches. I'm not sure what the lesson is here. Let's spin the "Wheel of Morality" and find out!

And the moral of today's story issss..... #4! "The World's Strongest Man"

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The Rules

For an explanation of The Rules, please check out our original introduction FanPost for the game.

You may also ask any questions you have in this thread. Thank you.

The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Cageside Seats readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Cageside Seats editors or staff.

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