Come join the CSS Indie Corner as we provide an overview of the wild and wonderful world that is CHIKARA and let you know why you should be following our Indie Promotion of the Month.

Ask a group of hardcore wrestling fans their opinion on the identity of the best professional wrestling promotion and one name will likely come up more than any other- CHIKARA. If you are unfamiliar with CHIKARA, let me be your guide through the wild and wonderful world of CHIKARA over the course of this month.

CHIKARA has its roots in the collaboration of Mike Quackenbush and Tom Carter (better known as Reckless Youth) to create a wrestling school, The Wrestle Factory, that provided training in a diverse amount of styles. In order to showcase the wrestlers being trained, Quackenbush and Carter began to put on shows and CHIKARA was born. Although Carter would leave CHIKARA not long after its creation, Quackenbush would take the Philly based promotion to the zenith of the independent wrestling scene.

If you aren't already watching CHIKARA then let me provide you with some reasons why you should be:

  • In-ring action: What could would a wrestling promotion be if the the action in the ring was sub-par? With CHIKARA you are getting some of the best and most varied in-ring action in professional wrestling. The contrasting styles that Quackenbush offers at the Wrestle Factory extends to CHIKARA. No matter what your tastes in professional wrestling are, you are bound to find it in CHIKARA.
  • Gimmicks Galore: Do you enjoy crazy and outlandish gimmicks that bring a sense of fun back into wrestling? CHIKARA has the greatest stable of gimmicks in professional wrestling. On a single CHIKARA show you can catch a time traveling baseball star, a tag team of ice cream luchadores, a mystical cult, and ants. Lots and lots of ants.
  • Comedy: CHIKARA is professional wrestling comedy at its finest. The in-ring action of CHIKARA often takes many comedic twists and turns. It is not uncommon to matches turn into dance offs, slow motion action, or even a baseball game. Everything from the tiniest joke to the large set pieces works seamlessly to create a fun and enjoyable show.
  • Tag Team Action: While WWE's tag team division maybe in dire straits, CHIKARA's is one of it's greatest strengths. In CHIKARA there are only three titles- the CHIKARA Grand Championship, the Young Lions Cup, and the Campeionatos de Parejas (tag team championship). With small amount of championships, the promotion puts great emphasis on it's tag team championship and its system to determine number one contenders (a point system) gives title shots great meaning. Furthermore, the promotion's signature event, the King of Trios Tournament, is a three card weekend tournament consisting of sixteen three-man teams.
  • Storyline Consistency and Strength: CHIKARA maintains a strong sense of continuity within its universe and events of the past can have implications way down the road. The storylines within CHIKARA are well thought out and planned which creates clear stories with logical progression. A contributor to this is CHIKARA's season format. CHIKARA breaks up their events into seasons that allow for them to provide easy start and end points for major storylines to play out. A bonus of this structure is that it makes it easy for new fans to jump in. To help facilitate their storylines, CHIKARA utilizes technology to it's advantages. CHIKARA produces multiple video podcasts, has its wrestlers write blogs to facilitates stories, and posts matches for free through their Twitter account.

CHIKARA is one of the greatest things going in professional wrestling. With a new season of CHIKARA upcoming, now is as good a time as any to get involved. Stay tuned for more about our Indie Promotion of the Month.

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