Cagesider FanFic: The Geek Goddess and I, Chapter 2

WWE Diva Miss A. J. Lee has no idea the depths of adoration some of her fans here on Cageside are willing to go to in order to express their undying devotion to her. -

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Editor's Note: This is a FanPost, this is FanFic written within a FanPost, furthermore the content within this FanFic piece is 100% permissible - as it meets and exceeds the guidelines at CSS. This piece was written for the entertainment of our community. If this is 'not for you', move along. That is all, carry on.

Chapter 2: Have you ever been content?

Have you ever had something good, and despite knowing there is more, you know you don’t need it right now?

"Content" is the exact word to describe my feeling as I left Room 503. My left cheek still a bit warm from a peck given to me by A. J., I had just left a perfect night -- and it was only 10:30 p.m.

“Look, I don’t know what you expect. I am sure there are stories and assumptions about how we 'rasslers conduct ourselves on the road.” She had said, “But I do not partake in the wild stuff. I’m actually quite boring. Almost grandma-like. In fact, it’s already past my bed time.” She giggled.

“No. I understand. I am rather relieved you said that. I was already dreading my inevitable blunder that gets me kicked out.”

We exchanged e-mail addresses.

“I have Facebook, but it’s on the DL. I only use it for people I know, so I will send you a link but don’t give it out. Circle of trust.” She said as she extended her pinkie.

I took it and sealed our relationship (whatever it may be). I took the slip of paper with her info on it and began to move toward the door.

“Well. I had a great time and I hope we can do it again.” I said, as I put my hand on the door knob.

“Yes for sure. Maybe sooner than you think.” She said with a smile.



She then placed her hands gently on my chest, closed her eyes and reached up to kiss me. I began to lower my head to meet hers.

She missed her target. “Did you just kiss my sideburn?” I asked.

“Ummm. Yeah. But I can try it again if it makes you feel better.” She was turning red.

“I mean I don’t want blast you on Twitter as a weird sideburn fetishist.”

“No, we don’t want that.” She went in again. This time right on the mark. Perfect.

“Good night. Sweet dreams.” I said as I opened the door.

“Good night. You too.” She was playing with her hair in the most alluring way.



So that’s how it started. Soon we were Facebook messaging. Which led to text messages, which led to talking on the phone at all hours of the night. And eventually Skype. And while we spent so much time conversing about anything under the sun, it was remarkably chaste. No more than blown kisses. It was strange because I was VERY attracted to her, and I think she felt the same about me. But I felt no pressure or urge to push the issue. In fact, my visits to certain websites were declining, clearly I was becoming more and more content.

But it was magical, we were cut from the same cloth largely. We watched episodes of The Office and 30 Rock together, we made sure we were reading the same comics so we could discuss them late into the night. Of course we spent Monday night/Tuesday morning re-hashing the events of Raw.

The joy I felt when this image popped up on my laptop or phone screen...



This went on for weeks, then one night on Skype, A. J. asked if I was busy next week. Of course I wasn't. She offered to fly me out to Denver to accompany her on their swing through Colorado.

“This may seem sudden, but I am on the road so much there is no other way to see if this can be something.” She explained to me.

“Of course I would love to. I will carry your luggage but NO PURSE. Will not happen.”

“A man of principle. I respect that. But you will carry my purse at some point. I’m an evil genius , after all.”

So, it was set. I would meet her in Denver on Friday. House show in Colorado Springs that night, house show in Broomfield on Saturday, house show in Loveland on Sunday. And Raw back in Denver on Monday.

As the landing gear was raised over Fresno, I was nervous. This was probably the biggest weekend of my life. I would spending real quality time with the woman of my dreams. And in the background, the most muscular circus in the world.

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