A Modest Proposal: The Brother/Sisterhood of the Traveling cSs REC Belt

So, I see an opportunity here. Provided it's okay by The Reverendkain and other cSsers want to get involved, there's a great potential for some real fun.

In light of us becoming aware of the forging of the cSs REC belt, it seems like such a waste to not get as much fun out of it as can be had. It has now officially been used as the image attached to the RECs award this wek, but there's more that can be done.

My suggestion is that it be packed up and sent across the cSs universe to any commenter or writer who would want to get involved. Treat it like a traveling pant. It arrives, that Cagesider takes several pictures with it and sends it on to the next one on the list. Not sure of the logistics, but that could be worked out later.

Each Cagesider can take photos of and with it for the purpose of it being used as an image for the RECs award post. There's lots to be explored with that idea.

Whomever has it could take a photo of them wearing it around their waist, on their shoulder, holding it up, they could mimic some of the famous poses of their favorite pro wrestler, put it in the fridge and snap a pic, place it on the mantel, the possibilities are endless. The possibilities are really only limited by the creativity of those cSsers involved.

With the reach of Cagesideseats going as far as it does, there's even potential for region-specific imagery. I would kill to a shot of the REC belt on the Rocky statue (if their is any Cagesider in the Philadelphia area). Maybe someone could stand in the Middle of Time Square in a high foot-traffic hour and get a pic there. Or stand in a crowd and hold the belt high above the crowd, as someone else takes the photo. Someone could bring it to a WWE event and take a photo i the crowd (and obviously try to appear on live TV).

And, specifically for the ladies of cSs, there are opportunities there. Hoops has a Wonder Woman tiara. I would love to see a photo as the Glamazon, in her pose, holding the belt above her head. Jolie could take pics with herself and literally ALL the pro wrestlers ever (Seriously. I feel like she's met every single one) holding the belt. June...(if you know anything about me), she can do whatever the hell she wants and I would be happy.

Of course shots with the belt and cleavage would always be welcome and that would actually go along with the previous and long-term modus operandi of the RECs post. I'm sure pics of the cleavage of the few female cSsers there are would be quite popular. I could see a game being made out of it in the thread, where it becomes a thing to try to guess who's cleavage we're looking at this time. Bonus points to any female Cagesider who wants to do their own take on the HBK poster where the belt was the only thing covering his junk, but this time, the REC belt could be used as a bra or something.

I'm sure I could go on, but I think yous guys get the point. This is a great thing, specific to Cagesideseats and it would be really cool to get as much fun out of the concept of the belt as can be had.

Special thanks go out to Reverendkain, for designing and fabricating the belt and sharing with the rest of us. That it exists is just awesome and has had my wheels spinning about this idea ever since. Preesh, guy!

What do you think Cagesiders? Any good? Is it a dumb idea? Any other suggestions?

The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Cageside Seats readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Cageside Seats editors or staff.

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