I want to like you Cena, so don't blow it

I've always been back and forth on my take on John Cena. I was still into him during that long title run in 2007 when people started to get bored of him. But eventually, I couldn't take him any more. His schtick got old, his persona became watered down, and I was done with him.

While I've never been as serious a Cena Hater as many people out there, I've rooted against him the last few years. The idea of him being SuperCena has angered me as a fan who pretends to know more about the business than really does. His matches were never great and his promos were usually OK at best.

Last year at Wrestlemania, while I thought he should win, I was all about the Rock. And when the Rock actually beat John Cena, I was actually angry at Cena for not making something of it (such as the heel turn we're never getting.)

But things have been changing recently. Just on New Years Eve this last year, Cena dropped his worst promo in a long time and I told myself, I'm done with him for good, but now, not so much. Why?

Because of the Rock.

Yes, like the rest of the internet, while I loved part time Rock last year, the idea of him holding the WWE Title is so wrong to me. They gave him the strap and the redesign and he STILL doesn't show up on Raw. I don't care how many promos about feces that Cena drops, he is much more deserving of the title than the Rock. Cena is a WWE worker and while we may not love him, whenever they want to give him the title, it makes sense.

Last year, I think the WWE wanted us to cheer for John Cena (along with the Rock) and they failed. This year they want us to cheer for the Rock and I think they are failing. They made the Rock a heel not by booking but by management. They gave a guy who was a shadow of his former self the frickin' main belt. And not only did they give him the belt, they took the belt from the IWC's darling who was a work horse and who is one of the best worker's today and gave it to a part time movie star!

(On that note: John Cena's promo's against the Rock last year about not being there would have worked great this year since Rock has the title. I wonder what approach they'll take this year since that's been used up.)

Then John Cena goes onto Monday Night Raw and puts on one of the best televised matches in history of Raw with CM Punk. CM Punk could not get anything more than mediocre out of the Rock at two actual PPVs in a row and then John Cena and he work magic on Raw. And like rebels they put in a pile driver. We all love Punk for that match, but Cena was there too selling everything and working hard.

Add in the fact that I think that Cena is a legit nice guy in real life and is always doing something for make a wish, this is the perfect time to get me (and maybe others) back behind Cena like they so desperately want.

But alas, next week he's probably going to drop some promo about feces and we'll be back to square one.

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