On the verge of new "golden era" in pro wrestling? Or not?

From front to right in circular order: Shawn Michaels, Hunter Hearst Helmsley, Diesel, and Razor Ramon hug themselves in the ring in what would become known as the "Curtain Call". - New Generation Era/MSG Incident/TheKliq

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Hello fellow Cagesiders, the question I pose is exactly the one in the title, "Do you think WWE, or for that matter, ALL of wrestling is on the verge of another golden age?"

Personally, I think so, and not just based on talent alone; of which there is plenty to go around. No, I believe it has something to do with the term "too big to fail".

We've all heard the term before, and are likely familiar as to how it lends itself to capitalism and the business world. Yet in those instances, the companies or institutions were viewed as BEING too big to fail. In the case of WWE, I believe it is SO big, that it WILL fail.

Since the acquisition of WCW, combined with basically all other competing companies (besides TNA or ROH), WWE, in my opinion, has become increasingly watered down, as well as too corporate-minded in its booking and advertising. You have to give credit where credit is due; as I believe, WWE has done a good job of expanding its brand in the marketplace, while also signing new upcoming talent.

However, the fact remains that the other aforementioned wrestling companies are also doing a hell of a job in promoting their own brand of wrestling. So well in fact, that some of their superstars and/or character models have been "stolen" by WWE. That brings me to the actual question of this post...

A new golden age is on the horizon, I believe, in the form of WWE buckling at the seams and imploding in upon itself. I mean, I just don't see how they maintain viability from a marketing perspective when all their "old" talent becomes retired -- 'Taker, Cena, Rock, Jericho, even Henry and Big Show, as well.

They could perhaps maintain that viability by cultivating some of the extraordinary new talent they currently possess. Nevertheless, I think we all know they haven't.

Because of these two factors, I see not only other companies potentially gaining ground on WWE, but also WWE itself having to find innovative and exciting new ways in which to engage their audience in order to keep their company relevant in the wrestling world. Wasn't this the main factor for the Monday Night Wars that ushered in not only great television, but also a resurgence in wrestling popularity as a whole?

Anyway, I think so, and I'd like to know what the rest of you think about this. Thanks!

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