Linda McMahon returns as celebrity blogger for the Huffington Post, comments on Zeb Colter angle

Linda McMahon: still courting the female vote months too late.

In a surprising move for the publication, the Huffington Post has decided to feature Linda McMahon as a celebrity political blogger. This came with an exclusive interview for their website, where she likened WWE to a Batman movie when asked about their recent immigration themed storylines.

In the aftermath of Linda McMahon's second humiliating electoral defeat I made a bold prediction: "Mark my words, we have not heard the last of Linda McMahon on the political scene." After all, you don't spend a whopping $100 million and then give up the ghost completely without trying to get some return on your failed investment.

Early attempts for Linda to turn from hated heel to beloved philanthropic babyface were thwarted by her campaign manager Corry Bliss lashing out at critics in a bullying fashion and complaints from African American canvassers about bounced checks and even condoms placed in the outspoken ringleader's pay packet.

Now that the heat has died down, it's finally safe for Mrs. McMahon to emerge from her self imposed hibernation in a Greenwich, Connecticut mansion and return to the public spotlight in order to repair her battered reputation.

That she has chosen to do so isn't surprising, but the publication that has chosen to aid and abet Linda in her rehabilitation effort is most definitely puzzling.

Earlier this week, Linda McMahon joined the liberal Huffington Post as a celebrity political blogger. She wisely used her first post in this new forum to send an uncontroversial, feel good message about how "Our Daughters Also Can Lead America Forward". How could anyone possibly bash the kind old grandmother for saying that?

I can see what Linda gets out of this relationship with a strange bedfellow, but the Huffington Post is another matter. They ran a series of articles during her campaign that painted her as a Republican extremist, most notably breaking the news that she had proposed introducing a "sunset provision" into the Social Security Act at a Tea Party town hall meeting. Now she's supposed to be an insightful pundit worth listening to?

Personally, I'd be embarrassed at having her barf inducing and highly misleading personal bio that completely whitewashes her 1976 bankruptcy on their site.

Linda's blogging appointment came with an exclusive 12 minute interview for HuffPost Live. The newspaper decided to focus on how moneybags McMahon "thoroughly enjoyed" her expensive campaigns despite the cost and blamed the late payments to a handful of campaign staffers on "things slipping through the cracks" and some of them lying about not receiving a cheque:

However, of most interest to wrestling fans would be her comments about the "immigration themed wrestling match" booked for WrestleMania 29 of Latino World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio vs. Jack Swagger with his new xenophobic mouthpiece Zeb Colter:

"Look, WWE is a storyline. You know, you create good guys and bad guys. It's like watching a Batman movie, you have the guy that's gonna come and rescue people, but in the mean time you've got the Joker or whoever the latest bad guy is and he's allowed to work his mischief, and then finally Batman comes in or another superhero and saves the day, so WWE is a lot like that. It creates controversy, it's topical. But then in the end you typically have the good guy comes in and sets thing straight."

Though Linda stressed that she wasn't personally involved in creating this storyline, it clearly benefits the McMahon family by distancing themselves from the extremists in the Republican Party and allows the wife to reposition herself firmly in the centre ground of the political spectrum. There's no longer any advantage in currying favour with the Glenn Beck's of this world when she well and truly pissed them all off by ditching her conservative principles in the final weeks of her 2012 campaign by releasing a deceptive and desperate political ad that encouraged ticket splitting.

After that high profile betrayal, it would be impossible for Linda to win the Republican nomination to face Richard Blumenthal in a grudge Senate election rematch in 2016, which explains why she quickly shot down the idea that she would ever run for the U.S. Senate again:

"I have absolutely no plan to run for office again, but I would hope to be able to affect it more, a little bit more, from the outside in, and so, you know, work with hopefully different leaders, different business people, different political people to help organise that change and philosophy because we do need to do it."

But one has to wonder whether McMahon is secretly laying the groundwork for a last ditch attempt to become a female Senator as an independent candidate in three years time. Though whether she could convince her hubby Vince McMahon to stump up the cash again is another matter completely.

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