World Wrestling Entertainment is BORING!

There, I said it.

Yes, as an avid fan of pro-wrestling for years, I've come to this conclusion several years ago: World Wrestling Entertainment (as known as WWE) is just another boring televised show. It has remained in the status quo. It is what it is. However, I haven't said it until now.

Simply ask yourselves:

How long have you been anticipating for that moment?

How long have you been anticipating for that edgy someone's rise to the top?

How long have you been anticipating for an exciting event?

How long have you even anticipated for excitement?

Too long.

As a pro-wrestling fan, I'm quite very disappointed.

Think all the way back in the 90's, when World Wrestling Federation had to face an uphill battle against World Championship Wrestling, also known as WCW. The organization had something to deliver. It HAD to get folks talking. It needed permission from a group of folks to start talking and hand over their money.

In the beginning, Vince McMahon simply found a niche for WWF as in, "Who should the WWF cater to?" "Who should WWF talk to?": rebellious teenage boys with an attitude. So, WWF catered to them - the half-naked divas, Degeneration-X, curse words, blood, the Rock, "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, the Godfather, Too Cool, Val Venis and the rest of the WWF locker room at the time. WWF became ridiculous (in a very good way - the opposite of boring), it was riddled with "WTF" storylines and wrestlers. It was very exciting.

Many, many teenage boys across the nation began talking in schools, at each others' houses, streets, everywhere, and mimicking their catchphrases in classes and tuned in the tube wearing their D-X shirts, staying up even past bedtime. Soon after, its ratings began to skyrocket to monstrous levels. Fun times indeed.

Each WWF wrestler (not called superstar at the time) catered to its niche. The Rock, D-X, "Stone Cold" Steve Austin catered to teenage boys, Kurt Angle to Americans, and so forth. Remember how WWF interacted with its fans? I still remember Kurt Angle going bananas over the "WHAT?" chants. Amazing. Also, remember how remarkably cheap WWF PPVs and shows were back in the old days (and that we got a LOT out of in return)? Whatever WWF gave us, we got a LOT more in value.

So, to simply put, WWF was remarkable.

So what happened? WWF bought WCW and ECW. WWF became WWE. WWE switched its niche from teenage boys with an attitude to everyone in general (simply not just children). WWE became too big of a company. And finally, WWE became boring and watered down. Too afraid to offend (no blood, drug tests, PG ratings, censorship, etc) because WWE has too much to lose and too comfortable to change (John Cena's character direction) because it doesn't need to. So, by boring, I mean everything within WWE is now boring: its characters, storylines, and everything that comes with it. And WWE has became the status quo. In due time though, this will be its demise and it's a very gradual demise. Hey, its ratings has fallen!

Remember how remarkable the Rock formally was?

Remember how remarkable Brock Lesnar formerly was?

Remember how remarkable Triple H formerly was?

Remember how remarkable even John Cena formerly was?

Even Paul Heyman as a character is boring.

Hey, the reason why Dolph Ziggler hasn't rose to the top as we wanted him to because he isn't remarkable at all. No one is really talking about him. To who does his character really cater to? Sure the "internet" fans talk about him but to me, he's really inoffensive and generic, just like what CM Punk have became. The CM Punk of the old? Now we're talking. The CM Punk as we know of now? Too boring. Bleh!

When an organization becomes something, being boring or otherwise, it effects everything within it.

And with that, I'll conclude this article with one word to describe the current WWE: boring.

Thanks for reading, ladies and gents!

(Oh and, this is also the reason why I don't watch indies pro-wrestling as well... and TNA)

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