Ring Of Honor (ROH) - 11th Anniversary Preview

The 11th Anniversary internet pay-per-view (iPPV) from Ring of Honor (ROH) is their first since Final Battle (Dec 16. 2012). There have been many developments that have occurred on the scene since then. This should be a fantastic show, with numerous grudges on this card, as you will see. Although, some would say there is somewhat of a cloud hanging over the show, as Steve Corino has promised to turn Ring of Honor into Ring of S.C.U.M (Mar 2).

ROH World Championship:

The main event will consist of Jay Lethal challenging Kevin Steen for the ROH World Championship. The backstory here started when Jim Cornette told Jay Lethal he, "didn't have any Killer Instinct". Lethal didn't take too kindly to that, causing him to become more volatile than usual. Jay won a chance to fight Steen for the ROH Championship.

However, before he had a chance to cash his match in, something happened. Steen got into it with Lethal's mom at ringside prior to the start of their match... and Steen spits on Lethal's mom! Lethal snaps, understandably.

After that happened, Steen somehow made ROH agree that he would never have to fight Lethal again. After months of frustration, Lethal got Steen to agree to a match, after all. Steen, it appears, has changed. Since his Ladder War with El Generico, he hasn't been too tight with the rest of S.C.U.M. (I might be reading into it too much, but I am interested to see how this develops.)

Will Lethal get his revenge and win the title? Or will Steen continue his reign of Evil?

ROH World Tag Team Championship:

At this point the Briscoe Brothers are the face of the ROH tag Division. The eight time champions will be defending their title against Bobby Fish and Kyle O'Reilly. Team Am Fishin' are a new team without the experience a team like the Briscoes have. Don't let that fool you though. These are two good fighters and their chemistry is developing well.

In order to get this title shot, Fish and O'Reilly won a tag team gauntlet under questionable circumstances. Many feel the Wolves should be in this match, but we will have more on them in a bit. Is Team Am Fishin' ready to win the tag titles? Not if Dem Boys from Sandy Fork have anything to say about it.

Dream Tag Match:

The American Wolves appeared to be in good shape in the tag gauntlet match referenced earlier. But after they eliminated S.C.U.M., they were attacked, leaving them as easy pickings for Fish and O'Reilly. Having missed out on the title shot, ROH set them up with a dream opponent: The Forever Hooligans.

"Romero's resume in Ring of Honor (ROH) is strong with two World Tag Championship reigns under his belt (the first with Ricky Reyes, the second with Davey Richards), and his international credits are just as stacked. A former IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Champion as Black Tiger, he also holds three IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Tag Team Championship reigns under his belt; two of those actually with Richards, and the most recent one, which ended on Nov. 11 (2012), was with Koslov at his side.

"Koslov's ROH history is short, but includes battles with some of the best; including Roderick Strong, Bryan Danielson, and Romero himself. Ever since his return to independent wrestling, Koslov has been chomping at the bit to get back into ROH competition and now he will get that opportunity with Romero at his side."


2 out of 3 Falls Match - Truth Martini Barred from Ringside:

The next match is really a grudge match. Michael Elgin and Roderick Strong were on the same team a little while ago; they were both members of the House of Truth. That is the reason Truth Martini is barred from ringside. He will not be involved in this match. These two couldn't get along on the same team, but they always have good matches when in the ring. This time will be no different, it is two out of three falls, so it appears this will settle this feud once and for all.

ROH World Television Championship:

Adam Cole will be defending his TV title and anything can happen as rumors swirl about him and WWE. He is set to defend against Matt Tavin. This has a big match and opportunity for Taven who will have Truth Martini with him ringside. Can he take advantage?

No Holds Barred:

If two men ever had a grudge these two have it. This all began when BJ Whitmer started teaming with Rhett Titus. It really got personal for Whitmer though, when Haas put him through a table headfirst at Final Battle.

Then this happened...

Speaking of Haas, he has another feud now also...

This "No Holds Barred" match will be wild, BJ is tough and definitely has the motivation to defeat the destructive Charlie Haas.

Grudge Match:

That brings us to the grudge match between S.C.U.M., Caprice Coleman and Cedric Alexander. Anytime C and C are on the card, you better pay attention. This is where we will see S.C.U.M. try to fulfill their prediction in what should be a good show. The card looks favorable from top to bottom. So be sure to check this one out.

With ROH, you never know when the next match of the year candidate will happen. (Elgin vs Strong?) Not to mention three great Tag team matches. No other promotion does a tag division like ROH.


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