CSS Trade Chatter: WWE/TNA


As the NBA trade deadline looms (3:00pm ET on Thursday, February 21, 2013), the heads of basketball fans become occupied with the latest trade rumors and daydreams of playing fantasy GM. Who doesn't like to make fake trades? With that, I turn to wrestling's big boys, WWE and TNA. (Take each trade as an individual idea and not totaling one massive talent swap.)

Blockbuster Trade: Ryback & Hornswoggle for Austin Aries, James Storm, & Christopher Daniels

Ryback is the kind of star that would make Hulk Hogan salivate. Muscles? Check. Raw animal charisma? Check. Ability to emphatically say brother? Check. In return, WWE gets three solid pieces that probably won't become main eventers in their system but will make their shows more enjoyable overall.

One might argue that giving up Aries, Storm, and Daniels is too much. However, the addition of Hornswoggle has the potential to tip the scales. Hornswoggle is a veteran to major story lines. He is Vince McMahon's illegitimate bastard son, as well as, the formerly anonymous Raw GM. Hornswoggle could slide right into the role of Higher Power for Aces & Eights and instantly legitimize that ragtag crew of ruffians.

Veteran Leadership Trade: Bully Ray & Devon for Dolph Ziggler, Sin Cara, & Yoshi Tatsu

Bringing the Dudley Boyz back to the WWE tag team division could lay the foundation for years to come. They can adapt to any situation WWE asks of them. In exchange, TNA gets a rising star in Dolph Ziggler. I think it is a safe assumption to say that Brooke Hogan would much rather be kissing Ziggy instead of that Hulkamania mark, Mark. Sin Cara and Yoshi Tatsu would be valuable as captains for the TNA X Cup Tournament, if that ever returns.

Big Man Trade: Matt Morgan, Abyss, Hernandez, & Crimson for Rey Mysterio & Kofi Kingston

John Cena is more enjoyable working as an underdog. Unfortunately, he has burned his way through WWE's monsters. This trade reloads the ranks. Load those slabs of meat aboard the 'John Cena Pain Train' and let's go for a ride. TNA gets two stars that seem to be burning out as of late. A change of scenery could revitalize Mysterio and Kingston.

Salary Dump Trade: Alex Riley, Ezekiel Jackson, Mason Ryan, JTG, & Ted Dibiase for Joey Ryan

WWE is loading NXT up with talent and they will soon need some roster spots. Riley, Jackson, Ryan, JTG, and Dibiase would add extra bodies to Aces & Eights so the surprising reveals can extend the story another 18 months. TNA ships out Joey Ryan to WWE as a low-priced player. Joey Ryan doesn't ever have to set foot in the ring. Give him a YouTube show and allow him to manage some young beefcakes. Or better yet, he can become the next generation of sleazy announcer once Jerry Lawler retires.

Because I Say So Trade: Mickie James, Gail Kim, & ODB for Zach Ryder, Justin Gabriel, & Evan Bourne

I've taken quite the liking to the in-ring stylings of Naomi. I'd like to see what she can do with some real women wrestlers. On the other end, I really want to see worlds collide as Ryder interacts with Robbie E and Robbie T. It will be the ultimate Bro-off. Plus, Gabriel and Bourne can add some excitement to the X Division.

Scour the WWE roster and the TNA roster, and post your trade ideas in the comments. I look forward to seeing all the potential scenarios.

The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Cageside Seats readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Cageside Seats editors or staff.

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