Pay-Per-View Pick 'Em Game Updated Standings After WWE 'Elimination Chamber 2013'

June M. Williams©

Now that the WWE "Elimination Chamber 2013" event is in the books, it's time to take a look at the updated standings in the Cageside Seats Pay-Per-View Pick 'Em Game. Are you in the lead? Or at the bottom looking up?

WWE gave us its latest annual pay-per-view (PPV) event, the Elimination Chamber 2013 last night (Feb. 17) live from the New Orleans Arena in NOLA. The show featured The Rock again defeating CM Punk to retain the WWE Heavyweight Championship which earned two points. Let's talk about the scoring, shall we?



That's two points for everyone who guessed the Main Event winner correctly. Plus, of course the epic Elimination Chamber Match, with none other than Jack Swagger coming out on top and headed to WrestleMania this summer -- not to mention massive bonus points to be accrued with that match, or penalty points to be wary of. The other three matches on the card were worth one point a piece. Reminder of all the rules for event twelve in our PPV Pick Em Season: Elimination Chamber edition are:

You get 2 points - For correctly predicting the main event (whichever match goes on last).

You get 1 point - For each correct prediction of the undercard matches.

This continues for every WWE and TNA PPV event until the end of the season, which culminates just before SummerSlam 2013, when the points will be added and a winner crowned. Your prize will be The Big Gold Belt, so let's hope you made your picks count, folks.

NOTE: There are special bonus points available for this event, and also points penalties this time around as well; seeing as the Elimination Chamber is all about elimination, and success against the odds. Your GM & your Asst. GM discussed the matter together last week, and we decided what you needed to pick, as well as the bonus points or penalties you are subject to:

2 point bonus - For every correct pick of each entrant's order of exit

(-1) point penalty - For every incorrect pick of each entrant's order of exit

0 point bonus/penalty - For opting NOT to pick the exit order of any participant. No risk = no gain

5 point bonus - For correctly picking the winner of the Elimination Chamber match

25 point bonus - For correctly picking every exit, in the correct order, AND the correct winner

Now, on to the Elimination Chamber Break Down:

  • Pre-Show Tag Match: Team Brody & Sweet T (1 point)
  • Main Event Winner: The Rock (2 points)
  • WHC Match: Alberto Del Rio (1 point)
  • 6-Man Tag Team Match: The Shield (1 point)
  • Diva's Championship: Kaityln (1 point)
  • US Championship: Antonio Cesaro (1 point)
  • Elimination Chamber Winner: Jack Swagger (5 points)
  • EC Exit Order [2pts for ea correct exit , (-)1 pt for each incorrect exit]: Bryan, Kane, Henry, Jericho, Orton


Who is the current leader of said pack? 'Bangarang18' all we can say to you is, "You better prepare yourself, cause 'J-Rodzilla' & 'AlexMathew. XtremeHardyolic', as well as the McSexy Doctor are coming for you, BROTHA!"

Let's take a look at where everyone else stands and remember, we'll be back on Sunday, Mar. 10, 2013, for TNA and its next PPV offering, the lethal Lockdown event:

Let's not waste any more time getting straight to the standings from the show:

(click images to enlarge)



The Middle of the Pack (11-75):


Those who are determined to never give up,

or die trying to have fun (76-104):


(click images to enlarge)



Note: If your name no longer appears on this chart, it is because you were eliminated from the game, due to lack of participation. Our rules state: Not picking in three consecutive events (since your last picks), is grounds for removal. Also, starting with event #9-TLC, missing a total of eight events (since you made your first picks of the season), will also result in elimination from the game.

Once you are eliminated, you are NOT permitted to make picks in the pick 'em threads any longer, as they will not be tallied. Thanks.

*Regarding Eliminations: Anyone noticing a series of asterisks (***) next to their name above, has just become eligible for elimination after the NEXT event. This means if you do NOT make picks for TNA's Lockdown, which airs on Sunday, Mar. 10, 2013, you WILL be eliminated.

*** For a list of every eliminated participant so far this season, check here ***



  • For the final schedule of remaining events in our 2012-2013 PPV Pick ‘Em Game season, check here.
  • If you feel an error has been made, or if you wish to remove yourself from the game stats, please contact me (the resident CSS scorekeeper & Assistant GM) at, and I'll help you get things sorted out.
  • For a look at the results from earlier events (which are no longer shown in the chart above) just check out these links below, or browse our PPV Pick ‘Em Game Section, right here:
    1. SummerSlam 2012 - Results
    2. No Surrender - Results
    3. Night of Champions - Results
    4. Bound For Glory - Results
    5. Hell in a Cell - Results
    6. Turning Point - Results
    7. Survivor Series - Results
    8. Final Resolution - Results
    9. Cumulative Stats for Every Event to date (current players only) - CLICK HERE

    -- Thanks for playing, Cagesiders!

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