WWE Elimination Chamber 2013: Predictions & Preview

WWE Elimination Chamber 2013 Promotional Poster - #WWECHAMBER

How will this latest PPV event play out? We have got staff predictions for each and every single match on the WWE "Elimination Chamber 2013" card for tonight (Sun. Feb. 17), right here!

WWE's prestigious Elimination Chamber 2013 event is back tonight (Sun., Feb. 17), on pay-per-view (PPV) from the New Orleans Arena in New Orleans, LA. The Pre-Show will stream live on WWE.com, YouTube.com/WWE and Facebook.com/WWE at 7:30 ET/4:30 PT, and it will be available for viewing inside WWE Active!

Tonight's show features all your favorite WWE Superstars; including The Rock, CM Punk, John Cena, The Shield, Antonio Cesaro, The Miz, Jack Swagger, Divas & Tag Team action, and of course the epic Elimination Chamber Match!

Luckily for you Cagesiders, our CSS staff of learned-wrestling-blowhards is faithfully here for you, yet again, in order to help you all figure out just how this latest PPV event is gonna play out.

We've got our CSS Staffer predictions for each and every match on the WWE Elimination Chamber 2013 card coming up next!


WWE Elimination Chamber 2013 Match Card:

  • Tag Team Match: Brodus Clay & Tensai vs. Team Rhodes Scholars (Damien Sandow & Cody Rhodes) -- Pre-Show
  • WWE Championship: The Rock (c) vs. CM Punk
  • World Heavyweight Championship Alberto Del Rio (c) vs. The Big Show
  • #1 Contender Elimination Chamber Match: Jack Swagger vs. Chris Jericho vs. Daniel Bryan vs. Kane vs. Mark Henry vs. Randy Orton
  • Six-man tag team match: The Shield (Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose & Seth Rollins) vs. Ryback, John Cena & Sheamus
  • Diva's Championship: Kaitlyn (c) vs. Tamina Snuka
  • US States Championship: Antonio Cesaro (c) vs. The Miz



Pre Show: Clay & Tensai vs. Team Rhodes Scholars

The General: Well, let's see: We've got a tag team that just broke up who are getting back together for one night only as the heel foils to Jurassic Pork, the fat dancing babyfaces who are actually getting over. And it's taking place on the pre-show as a warm up for the crowd? Yeah, this one is quite simple. Prediction: Clay & Tensai

The Khaleesi: As much as it pains me to say it, Team Rhodes scholars are going to do the job to help get Team ClayTen over, and that is a damn shame, downright funky, and not in a good way. Pick: Team ClayTen

Jesse Holland: This comedy act, a fatter version of "Head Cheese," is all the rage with kids, which is the same reason John Cena is still ruler of the WWE roost. Am I to believe Creative will break their little hearts and deny them a post-match dance? At the hands of a tag team that has already separated? Geddoudahere. Prediction: Brosai

Keith Harris: Oh, how the mighty Rhodes Scholars have fallen! From having a World Tag Team title run within their grasp, only for their partnership to split up and then be reunited to curtain jerk with two fat dancing fools. If there's any justice in the world the intellectual duo would outwit their silly foes to victory, but I'm guessing that they've must have pissed off someone backstage to be in this spot on the card already, so I'm sadly expecting the exact opposite to happen. Prediction: Clay & Tensai

C. J. Bradford: Team Rhodes Scholars are back for one night only, and it is glorious. They will be jobbed out to the unnamed team of Brodus Clay & Tensai. That is far less glorious.

Sean Rueter: Even I, the guy who used his superior investigative journalistic techniques (aka read his twitter feed) to break the story of the Scholars reunion, can see that they're back to put over the next big babyfaces. Also, the state of tag wrestling in the WWE makes me almost as sad as the Diva division. Prediction: The Funk & the Furious

Rex Ivanovic: Rhodes Scholars future is uncertain, while the Funk and Furious seem to be getting a push. At the end of this match, Clay and Tensai are going to be dancing with Funkadactyls in celebration of a victory. Prediction: Clay & Tensai

Hollywood Wallace: Clay/Tensai evoke memories of the Twin Towers, Natural Disasters, the Outsiders, and other double big man teams. It's tough to tell how they'll mesh in the medium term, but I'll wager on them for now. Prediction: Clay & Tensai

WWE Championship: The Rock (c) vs. CM Punk

The General: I can't see a scenario in which Rock doesn't retain. Unless, of course, Undertaker has chosen not to work WrestleMania this year and Punk doesn't have an opponent for the big show. That could set up a three-way dance for the title with John Cena also involved but the big money is in the Rock-Cena rematch, not a triple threat, which traditionally isn't good for business. It would work in theory and they've done it before but not when the stakes were this high. And hell, even if they were going that direction, Rock is still retaining the title. Prediction: Rock

The Khaleesi: As much as the rebellious emo girl dying to get out of me wants Punk to somehow find a way to win this one and steal the championship back from The Rock for good, further jacking with the system, I am not as naive as a little girl when it comes to WWE Logic. There is no other way this one can play out. Prediction: The Rock

Jesse Holland: CM Punk had a run that lasted over a year and it's time to move on. Unfortunately, that means we're moving on to Rock vs. John Cena, but that's the nature of the beast. At least it frees up Punk for a possible Undertaker match if Grandpa Callaway can get out of his wheelchair in time. Prediction: The Rock

Keith Harris: The result of this match strangely depends upon someone who isn't even involved in it: The Undertaker. If the old dead man can't will another show-stealing match out of his battered corpse this year, then there's a strong possibility that Punk will win the belt in some screwy fashion, with help from The Shield, then squeezing himself into the WrestleMania 29 main event as the third wheel.

However, I believe that when push came to shove, Taker agreed to appear at Mania last week (when he was hanging about in Nashville). So The Rock will retain, and the stipulation where he can lose the title by count-out or disqualification, is just to tease another false finish. Prediction: The Rock

C. J. Bradford: The Rock will be facing John Cena at WrestleMania 29. This is something that will happen. The easiest way to get to this point is if Rocky defeats CM Punk. It is possible that WWE could go some long, convoluted route that ends in some type of Triple Threat Match, but the more likely scenario is a clean win for "The Great One." Prediction: The Rock

Sean Rueter: Man, I wish I knew what 'Taker was thinking right now. After going with my personal fantasy booking pick here last time and being wrong, I guess I'll go the obvious route this time while wishing this could be more than a placeholder feud on the road to 'Twice in a Lifetime'. Prediction: Rock

Rex Ivanovic: Is there any doubt who is going to win this match? The Rock is going to head into WrestleMania as the champion, plain and simple. Prediction: The Rock

Hollywood Wallace: The Rock overcame a lot of adversity to win the Title at Royal Rumble, so why not believe that he can do it again on a night when The Shield will have its hands full. As long as he can stay away from the Spanish announce table this time. Prediction: The Rock

WHC Match: Alberto Del Rio (c) vs. The Big Show

The General: They aren't going into WrestleMania with Big Show holding the second biggest championship belt in the promotion. What's funny is that strap has just as much value no matter which one of these two are wearing it. Still, Del Rio is getting the big push right now and that continues here. Prediction: Del Rio

The Khaleesi: Del Rio is finally hitting his stride in his new babyface shoes. WWE is working hard to cultivate their markets south of the border and of the equator, even test marketing to find out what type of Brazilian wrestler would go over well. They have spent quite a bit of time trying to get someone in the right position to do well for their Latino/Hispanic markets and Del Rio teamed with Rodriguez are LOS AMIGOS! Big Show has come full circle in his career and has recently shown he can do more than just be a giant, it is with this new found skill set that he will do a superb job in putting over ADR in this event. Prediction: Del Rio

Jesse Holland: Like Punk, Big Show had his run and "The Mexican Aristocrat" seems to be getting over as a face. Part of that has to do with wearing the belt, so I think Creative leaves the training wheels on until they know he can ride without crashing. Prediction: Del Rio

Keith Harris: Given that Dolph Ziggler isn't even booked on the show and has been losing frequently of late, this might just be the perfect time to cash in the briefcase and steal the World Heavyweight Championship from the winner of the match. I'm being slightly sarcastic there, but the WWE creative mindset is that before winning a major title, a rising star can afford to do jobs, as he'll be resuscitated by the big win. Then they wonder why he doesn't get over as champion. I'm expecting this pattern to repeat, but will it happen at Elimination Chamber? I'm leaning towards yes, as Alberto Del Rio hasn't been knocking them dead as champion and this fits into the rumours that the WHC match at WrestleMania will be a Triple Threat or Fatal Four Way match. So, my prediction is that Del Rio retains, but gets knocked out by Big Show afterwards leading straight to the Ziggler title switch. It's got to happen sometime soon, right?

C. J. Bradford: Alberto Del Rio is looking far too good to lose the belt tonight. If The Big Show does manage to pick up a win, then this feud will be continuing into April. I think the angle has run its course, though, and "The Mexican Aristocrat" retains. Prediction: Alberto Del Rio

Sean Rueter: The suspense is whether they can deliver a creative and satisfying conclusion to a feud that has been more successful than I (or the group at WWE corporate responsible for the Spanish-speaking market) ever could have hoped. Backwards in that they've already had the stipulation matches, too, but it works here - like everything else - since this will be Alberto slaying the giant in a relatively straight-forward manner. Probably, submission via cross arm-breaker. Pick: Alberto Del Rio

Rex Ivanovic: Both, Del Rio and Big Show have been doing some of the best work in their respective careers during the duration of their feud. They have great chemistry together and this should be an entertaining match. Is Del Rio going to walk out of this match with his title? SI! SI! SI! Prediction: Del Rio

Hollywood Wallace: Alberto Del Rio has shown the pluck of a Spike Dudley like underdog in their recent feud. Given that he is one of the world's great wrestlers, he is no Brother Runt, but certainly has the will and the skill to win again. Prediction: Alberto Del Rio

#1 Contender Elimination Chamber Match:

Swagger v Jericho v Bryan v Kane v Henry v Orton

The General: There are three guys with a legit shot at winning this thing: Randy Orton, Jack Swagger, and Mark Henry. They aren't going back to an Orton vs. Del Rio feud and I don't think Swagger is ready for a title match at WrestleMania just yet, so that leaves Henry going over those two as well as Daniel Bryan, Kane, and Chris Jericho. Pick: Henry

The Khaleesi: What with my viewpoint on WWE in their push of Del Rio, the only thing that makes sense here to me is for them to quickly move Swagger into position here to start a feud between the "Real American" and the well, Del Rio. I anticipate a fast and furious feud brewing here, regardless of Swagger's absence. Prediction: Swagger

Jesse Holland: Team Hell No is still that, a team, Jack Swagger just got back and is still being seasoned, Chris Jericho isn't around enough to wear gold and Randy Orton is on his way to Heelsville. Henry doesn't need to establish himself as a monster heel because he's been doing it as good -- if not better -- than anyone over the past few years. THIS IS WHAT HE DOES! Prediction: Mark Henry

Keith Harris: I really can't call this one, so I'll give you my odds of each competitor's chance of winning and then make a guess: Kane & Daniel Bryan - Hell no to both. They're clearly just in the match to cost each other victory and continue their slow burning breakup. Chris Jericho - Outside chance. With Jericho being much more over in his return as a babyface, WWE may call an audible and just decide to run with it.

But, given that he's not under a long term contract, that's a real long shot. Randy Orton - Fair to middling. He's a safe pair of hands to put in the Smackdown World title match at WrestleMania, so it's always a realistic possibility that WWE decides to play it conservative and go with the biggest name in the match. Jack Swagger & Mark Henry: Joint favourites. Clearly, given how hard they've pushed them on their return, WWE has big plans for both.

Swagger is obviously destined for a big feud with Del Rio by getting a racist, anti-Mexican immigrant mouthpiece by his side in Zeb Coulter, but the question is whether they're ready to pull the trigger on that straight away? Henry to win might be the safest bet, as he's got more experience than Swagger in a headline role. Despite what I've said, I'm going to go with Randy Orton to win with the elimination order as: Bryan, Kane, Jericho, Swagger & Henry. I know that doesn't make much sense, I just can't read the tea leaves here well at all and thus I think WWE may just play it safe.

C. J. Bradford: This match could really go any direction. No one really stands head and shoulders above the rest, but each wrestler would fit nicely in the main event scene. Personally, I'm going with Jack Swagger? Why? Because "We the people," that's why. Prediction: Jack Swagger

Sean Rueter: There's really not a bad pick out of any of these possibilities, partly because they guys involved are good but also because Del Rio's been so great in his new incarnation. Dolph and his briefcase continue to loom over the scene in a way that makes predictions as difficult for us as aimlessness probably is for him. Anyway, it's probably either Swagger or Henry. I hope they learned their lesson from last time about pushing the All-American American too fast. Prediction: Henry

Rex Ivanovic: This match can go a few ways but the strongest contenders in my mind are Henry and Swagger. The potential buzz and buy rates that a Del Rio-Swagger feud could generate is just too good for WWE to pass up. Prediction: Swagger

Hollywood Wallace: Anybody who tells you they know how this one turns out is a dirty, smelly, pencil-necked liar. Too many volatile variables. That said, I think Jack Swagger's new Xenophobic way of like seems like it will take him far. Prediction: Jack Swagger wins

Six-man tag team match: The Shield vs. Ryback, John Cena & Sheamus

The General: I hate everything about this match other than the fact that the story actually built to it. Really, The Shield are probably closer to Aces and 8s than any of us want to admit because they run in rather aimlessly and are going to come up short once they go up against the top babyfaces in the company. And that really sucks because it shows the lack of longer term planning for the storyline. They can recover but they shouldn't have to. Pick: Cena, Sheamus, Ryback

The Khaleesi: Although I am well aware this pick would not be wise to bet on, unless you are a hardcore gambler who likes to go against the tip sheets, I am gonna go ahead and call it how I wish I could see it. Somehow or another something magical and creative happens and swerves us all and The Shield dominate this match and come out on top, AND JUSTICE FOR ALL! Prediction: The Shield

Jesse Holland: The Shield has been heeling it up for some time now, interfering and costing people matches, and hasn't really been punished for it. That ends tonight. But at least it ends against the top three faces in the company (Rock notwithstanding). Prediction: John Cena, Sheamus, Ryback

Keith Harris: Clearly, this is a match that Cena needs to look like a world beater in, as he's headlining the granddaddy of them all, but that can be easily done without his team winning the match, as long as he isn't the one getting pinned.

Personally, I think it's still more important at the moment to keep The Shield strong as a unit, so I predict that they'll pin Sheamus, possibly after interference from a disgruntled Randy Orton, if they decide to follow through on his teased heel turn and a feud with the Irish fighting fella. If the WM 29 main event does turn out to be Rock vs. Cena vs. Punk, then they could always have Punk cost Cena the match instead.

C. J. Bradford: John Cena always stands tall in the end. It's a scientific law at this point. There's no way in hell he's going to look weak going into WrestleMania 29. Sheamus and Ryback are lucky enough to be going along for the ride. Prediction: John Cena, Sheamus, & Ryback

Sean Rueter: Another one where somebody better have their creative booking hat on...I don't think there's any way Ambrose, Reigns and Rollins get "buried" here, but Cena will come out looking 'Mania main event ready, too. We know that. If this is indeed going to be in a Chamber, they could have the release order rigged so that The Shield is gets the early numbers, or even have a spot where Roman breaks out of his pod early so they can take out the faces one at a time. And, I'm already fantasy booking this match, so let's just go ahead and do this. Prediction: The Shield

Rex Ivanovic: The Shield vs. John Cena, Sheamus, Ryback What happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object? John Cena wins. John Cena is about to enter into a WrestleMania feud with the Rock, so it is doubtful that his team is going to take the loss here (especially if it happens in the Chamber). If the match is just a run of the mill six-man tag then Shield has a chance for victory by having Sheamus or Ryback take the fall. Even the chances of that seem minimal. Prediction: John Cena, Sheamus, Ryback

Hollywood Wallace: I have to pick arguably the three best non-title holding wrestlers in the sport to win here.

Diva's Championship: Kaitlyn (c) vs. Tamina Snuka

The General: Every time there is a Divas title match, I think a switch should be in order because pro wrestling fans are trained to care at least a little bit about the fact that a title has changed hands. That's really the only way to elicit anything other than apathy for the ladies right now, if only because WWE so clearly cares so little about them. I'm guessing it doesn't happen anyway.Prediction: Kaitlyn

The Khaleesi: It really is painful that I want to care about the women's division, I really do. I want to feel interested and invested and motivated to get behind some of these Diva's, to hop on their train even, but this is no daisy chain. There just isn't much as of late to give any less of a f*ck about. Could really care less who gets that painfully bedazzled, gender-bias colored, overly effeminate, freaking Diva's belt. So I will go for who I think is hotter, since that is what WWE probably wants me to do, and like a good girl I try to do what is expected of me. Prediction: Kaitlyn

Jesse Holland: She hasn't had the strap long enough to strip her of it and I don't believe she's a transitional champion. Snuka should prove to be a formidable foil, but in the end, Kaitlyn is more than just a pretty "face." Prediction: Kaitlyn

Keith Harris: Tamina deserves a run with the belt eventually, but I can't see it happening here, as Kaitlyn only won the belt a few weeks ago. Prediction: Kaitlyn

C. J. Bradford:Looking at the past few Divas Championship reigns, they usually go over 100 days or end within a week. Kaitlyn is currently at 33 days. I think she continues her run for at least a little while longer. Prediction: Kaitlyn

Sean Rueter: The state of women's wrestling in WWE makes me very, very sad. Pick: Kaitlyn

Rex Ivanovic: There really hasn't been much to this "feud". Kaitlyn just won the title and I imagine she will retain but who knows with the Divas division. Prediction: Kaitlyn

Hollywood Wallace: Is it just me or does Tamina Snuka suck?

US Championship: Antonio Cesaro (c) vs. The Miz

The General: I see zero reason for Cesaro to lose here but have that nagging feeling that WWE wants to continue featuring Miz heavily enough that they'll put a belt on him. I'm going to use my brain here but that's usually a bad idea with things like this. Prediction: Cesaro

The Khaleesi: Right now Cesaro is on fire and even though The Miz has a movie and all that, I don't think it is his time just yet to knock out the US Champ. Why does this feel like Dé jà vu to me all over again? Didn't we do this before? Why does it matter? I really don't see any new outcome here and frankly that is fine by me. Prediction: Antonio Cesaro

Jesse Holland: While it kills me to type this, they need to get that dumb title off Cesaro so he can go mix it up with the big boys in the main event instead of jobbing to them every week. He's ready. He's also earned it after elevating the U.S. Championship, something no one else has bothered to do. And don't they want to push Miz for that dumb movie he's in? Prediction: The Miz

Keith Harris: Antonio Cesaro vs. The Miz: Cesaro has had the United States title for over 180 days now and I think if he holds such a secondary belt for much longer, it may impede his development as a star. The title would be much more fitting on The Miz now, as a big star that's been treading water and could do with a boost. So I'll predict Miz gets the upset win, in order to free up Cesaro for a big post WrestleMania push.

C. J. Bradford: I was adamant that Antonio Cesaro would drop the strap to The Miz at Royal Rumble. I was wrong. I will be adamant that Cesaro will drop the strap at Elimination Chamber. I may be wrong. As long as Cesaro is still the United States Champion, I'm okay with that. Prediction: The Miz

Sean Rueter: I'm sticking to my long-term booking of this feud. The only wrench in the works is the possibility of punishment to Miz for the botch on Punk last weekend. But he's got a movie to promote and Cesaro is clearly ready for the next step. Maybe Hacksaw Jim Duggan runs in to assist and contribute to the "everything and the kitchen sink" approach to getting good guy Miz over? Prediction: Miz

Rex Ivanovic: Antonio Cesaro vs. Miz Antonio Cesaro is one of the greatest things going in WWE right now. He can cut a great promo, put on a wonderful match, and repeatedly swing Miz into the barrier. WWE isn't going to job him out to Miz on ppv, especially with Miz nearly taking CM Punk out of commission. Prediction: Cesaro

Hollywood Wallace: Our US Champ should be able to overcome an already battered Miz.


Those are our picks and predictions, Cagesiders. What are yours?

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