WWE FL: Feb. 17 (Sea. 1, Wk. 5)

This is the FanPost for Week 4 Results, and for posting your Week 5 picks.

Your 8 picks are due Sunday, February 17, before Elimination Chamber begins taping.

Wrestlers chosen will earn points at this week's Elimination Chamber, Raw, SmackDown, and Main Event.

Cheers! And good luck! If you haven't joined the game yet, please do! It's never too late. *thumbs up*

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Week 4 Results

Each week, I edit a Google Spreadsheet document to give us our scores. The document includes:

Feel free to check out any math you want, or double-check to make sure I got your picks right.

If you're wondering what each wrestler did on each show, I will post that as a separate comment to this FanPost, so as to not clutter things further.

Now, without delay, Week 4 Results:

  1. 114 - Kanenite
  2. 108 - jsims2
  3. 107 - 49erLou
  4. 106 - AlexMathew
  5. 100 - DanosFC
  6. 98 - Satish_Ram
  7. 92 - ReverendKain
  8. 92 - GreyedOut
  9. 89 - C.J. Bradford
  10. 78 - liberty_JAC
  11. 63 - Dannie Ray

Kanenite is once again the highest scorer of the week! My picks were exactly the same as our cSs leader, except for two different wrestlers, and I scored 36 less. May I shed manly tears now?

Satish_Ram actually had a score of 125, but posting his picks an hour later cost him the first hour of RAW and 27 points.

"the big four fall"

Through the first three weeks, Sheamus, Kane, Bryan, and Orton were the highest scoring wrestlers. This week, however, they combined for 29 points. Could be a changing of the guard as we officially head into Mania season this week.

"that helps no one!"

A couple weeks ago, I admonished all of us for failing to pick Cesaro when he wrapped up a fair amount of points. But this week, 8 of the 11 of us picked him, and he netted a whopping 1 point. Sadly, as awesome as his beatdown of The Miz was, it was worth nothing in the fantasy league. "That helps no one!"

"a chance to catch up"

If any of us near the bottom wanna make a jump in the standings to have a chance at first place, this is the week to do it. After Elimination Chamber, there won't be another PPV until 'Mania, which means points will be at a premium. Here's the last major opportunity before the Grandest Stage of Them All to rack up some huge points in one go. Good luck!

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The Rules

For an explanation of The Rules, please check out our original introduction FanPost for the game.

You may also ask any questions you have in this thread. Thank you.

The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Cageside Seats readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Cageside Seats editors or staff.

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