Brad Maddox need not appear on 'Raw' to be the best part of the night

The beautiful & talented Brad Maddox tweeted to me, making me feel like I had been touched by the hand of Eros. - @BradMaddoxisWWE/

Anyone who has been a part of the Cageside Community for a while now, knows that the Khaleesi of Cageside, yours truly, has been a massive fan of Brad Maddox's since the very first time he appeared on my television screen in his little ref outfit last year.

Every chance I get to write about him, sing his praises, defend him to the Internet Wrestling Community (IWC) I take, with zest.

Frequently, I find myself daydreaming of fantasy booking and ways for WWE Creative to involve him in brilliant twists and angles, including being the mastermind of it all and having been the one to secretly meet in AJ's hotel room last fall when Cena was accused of improprieties with her.

To this day, I still think if 'BrayJay' were to be revealed as the evil power couple behind it all, even in charge of The Shield, this is one WWE fan who would be incredibly satisfied.

So, it should come as no surprise to any of you, that on my birthday (Feb. 11) I decided to be THAT GIRL on twitter. Yeah, not my proudest moment to tweet to my three favorite celebrities, and beg pathetically ask politely for a Birthday tweet from them. Meh, I knew it was a long shot, but it was kind of fun nonetheless to be goofy for a minute:

Then, the Cagesiders, led by 'BlueBlob4Life' took to twitter and started twitter-bombing my dear sweet sexy Bradinator on my behalf, with things like this:

@BradMaddoxIsWWE please tweet @Cr8vly for her birthday. She's your biggest fan and writes for@cagesideseats about your wonderful hair. -- February 11, 2013

Eventually, I told them to just give up, that he was just too sexy for me, apparently. I also had given up on hearing anything from Ziggles at this point, either. Then, my third man, MMA Fighter Urijah "The California Kid" Faber, came through for me and tweeted me back (he has tweeted me before) -- but it still made me squeal like a little girl, and dance about like a total mark.

It was almost satisfying enough to make up for the lack of reply from the hottest thing in WWE.

So, I got off twitter and went back to the real world, hung in the 'Raw' Live Blog, did some work, roamed on over to the Daily Open Thread, and come to find out -- I missed it!

That's right, the beautiful Brad Maddox, Mister #BeefMode himself, took to twitter to tweet ME... and it was hours ago this occurred, yet here I am STILL marking out like a teenage girl:

So, yeah, there is no way I could remain professional about this, which is why this is in the FanPosts. Also, if you should happen to see a piece about Brad Maddox from me every now and again, or even like every month, or week or perhaps day, for the rest of time -- now you will know why.

That is all, now your Khaleesi of Cageside can have herself some sweet, sweet Brad-filled dreams tonight. Carry on.


If Brad Maddox ever happens to wonder if we have "REALLY good stuff to write about him now"... he may not realize that we have all along...

So, just in case, here are links to all of the wonderful things we have had to say about Brad Maddox here at Cageside Seats over the past year:












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