Much needed improvements 2K GAMES must implement in WWE 14

I have grown up with wrestling video games, and I've probably played nearly every one to come out since the super Nintendo. Hell, I probably wouldn't be a wrestling fan today without great games like WWF No Mercy on the N64. If you know what I am talking about then your childhood was awesome.

Now that THQ has gone down the toilet, (who didn't see that one coming) 2K Games now controls the video game rights to WWE, I don't think anyone knows what to expect for the next game. I want to address a few things I would like to see implemented.


Back in the day you were able to kick ass in the ring, and if you felt like it, take the fight backstage to do whatever you wish. all the games coming out now do not allow you to go backstage from the ring, which I feel makes the gameplay more limited compared to games of the past.

I would love to see a very detailed backstage with bathrooms, parking lots, dressing rooms, break rooms, and offices. All of which you can interact with and turn into your own personal warzone. MAKE IT HAPPEN 2K!


I like what universe mode has evolved into, but it feels way too limited. I want to see the ability to prioritize a superstar, or a created wrestler and put that superstar on a unique storyline that pushes him to whatever title they are chasing. I want the ability to choose what my character does or how he acts both during the entrance, and after the match.

Maybe I would like to act scared of my opponent while coming to the ring, and once I get down there I want to attack him with a chair. Then after the match I want to do some additional damage with the announcer table.

Or I could choose to pander to the crowd, and offer a handshake after the match.


If you are wrestling slowly have them do the boring chant. If you are cena get the battling Cena chants going. If a superstar is a big deal, make the crowd show it by getting loud. Or if a superstar is a real asshole then bring on overwhelming boos.

Also make a sliding scale for the characters personality, instead of just being a heel or face, let your actions determine how the crowd reacts. the more you do unfavorable , the more they boo. And vice a versa.

Does anyone agree?

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