Wade Barrett's Cageside Evaluation

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His name is Wade Barrett, and Cageside Seats readers have reported back on what they love and loathe about Wade Barrett. Here's the full evaluation.

Wow, I think the New Year's Eve partying got started a bit early today. Unruly replies, dissent, trolling, and a whole lot of laughs were included in today's evaluation of Wade Barrett. So let's see what came out of today's madness, first with what you guys loved:

  1. Talker - He's got good chops. With his accent, he can command an audience at times. This was almost universally agreed upon.
  2. In-Ring - A close second, you guys are good with his wrestling skills. He's big enough to go with the big boys, yet agile enough to keep up with the smaller guys.
  3. Look - At 6'7'', 246-pounds he's an imposing figure. When he was in NXT, he definitely stood out from the rest of the roster from a physical standpoint.
  4. Bad News Barrett - His current gimmick has gone over really well so far with fans on the Internet, but live crowds have yet to really catch on. Hopefully WWE will let him run with it long enough to make it work. The gavel is a nice addition.
  5. English Market - He's a great draw for the English fans. It's nice to have an international flare within the roster. It would be especially great if creative could diversify their main-event level stars at some point.

My favorite comments goes to Blueblob4life (mainly for the subtle Axel slap) - "He has the look, and he could be intimidating. "Bad News Barrett" is a great gimmick for him and has gotten a rise out of me. He’s clearly able to speak and cut a decent promo, so he has a leg up on Curtis Axel. Plus he’s pretty good in the ring."


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Now let's check out what you guys loathed:

  1. Booking - Way ahead of the pack, this is what you guys most loathed about Barrett. I always say at this point it's not the wrestler's fault for how they are booked. That said, it seems Wade is content with anything WWE gives him. I mean, he went from a main-eventing leader of one of the hottest stables in recent memory to mid-card comedian. If I were Wade, I'd be kind of pissed about that...
  2. Multiple Gimmicks - Nexus Leader. Corre Leader. Barrett Barrage. Bare Knuckle Brawler. Bad News Barre-I MEAN, REALLY?! How many gimmicks do you need before you really get over?!?!?
  3. Bland - He might be a solid wrestler, but he doesn't evoke much emotion.
  4. Finisher - "The Wasteland" was something everyone wanted changed because it looked weak. Then, the Bullhammer came and it was even worse.
  5. Terrible Intercontinental Champion - Only one or two of you mentioned this, but I think everyone blocked this run out of their minds. He was awful as the Intercontinental champ; jobber entrances, boring matches, and no feuds. I was so happy when they took the belt off him.

My favorite comment goes to ReverendKain - "He’s got all the tools, but the shed has not yet been built. Many moons ago I read an interview with Trent Barreta where Trent indicated that apparently Wade is just content to float along on whatever creative offers him, and if that’s true, it explains everything. Dude needs to learn how to stand up and take control of his destiny, as much as a midcarder in today’s WWE can, at least."

Poll time! With 119 votes, Mr. Barrett's average score is a 3.1. Very...interesting voting today, probably the most erratic we've had.

Happy New Year's Eve, Cagesiders! Hope everyone has a safe night! Tomorrow's choice is a Total Diva!

Until then...

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