The Ultimate Warrior's Cageside Evaluation

Very interesting post today, was glad to find an inactive wrestler that split the vote. Some really good posts, both in favor and against The Ultimate Warrior, lets get to what was good...

  1. Promos - There was basically a 1a and 1b situation today with the Warrior. Promos get the nod, as many of you enjoyed his insane rambling rants. The man made no sense, but maybe that was the point? I'm not really sure, but give credit to someone who would do promos with their face behind the belt or back to the camera.
  2. Intensity - So this was 1b, the man sure expended a lot of energy whether he was backstage, running to the ring, or shaking the ropes like a crazy person. This kind of intensity is something a lot of wrestler's lack these days. The Warrior could whoop any crowd into a frenzy with his actions.
  3. Look - He looked like a cartoon character, the blown up muscles, the hair, attire, and make-up...I could go on and on. He was a perfect fit as a wrestler, especially during the time he was active.
  4. Theme/Entrance - I combined his music and his entrance, because they were the perfect match. Hard-pounding fast music mixed with this wild haired wacko flying down to the ring, yelling and...
  5. Shaking the Ropes - Enough mentioned this where it gets the #5 spot. The crowd loved it, and it just fit his character so well. As we know eventually Batista took over doing this, and helped him out just as much. People. Love. Rope. Shaking!!!!

The Warrior of the day goes to StrongStyle81 - "Almost everything. The man was an absurdest self-parody of everything that Vince McMahon thought a wrestler should be. His promos were beautiful nonsense, hypnotic in their snorts and made up words. He was just too ridiculous not to love. He couldn’t wrestle worth a damn, but neither could Hogan. Charisma and characters always drew in wrestling. His matches in WWF were often short and meticulously planned out to not make him look like an idiot."


Now the bad...

  1. Move-Set - If limited move-set was in the dictionary a picture of Warrior would be next to it. He was not in the ring for very long and what he did in there was not impressive. It's a struggle to watch a majority of his matches today. Easy #1 choice here.
  2. Conditioning - You would think a guy who runs to the ring and shakes the ropes has decent cardio. That was not the case here, at all. He usually was out of gas when the bell rang, pretty embarrassing if you asks me.
  3. Backstage Politics - We've heard the stories of how he held up Mr. McMahon for money at PPVs, didn't respect the business, and rubbed many wrestlers the wrong way. This was brought up today so much so it could have been #1 had he not sucked so badly in the ring.
  4. Mark - He believed his own hype and eventually took his character way too seriously. In the end it probably hurt him, "ego" was also mentioned by you guys.
  5. WCW - Hulk Hogan and O.W.N., that's about all you need to know.

Loather of the day goes to pjtopor - "To expound a bit – a young Patrick marked heavy for him – he is precisely the sort of superhero wrestler kids will always love. Any nuance in a promo is wasted on the young anyway, so while even 10 year old me thought they were weird, they just seemed intense, which was all that mattered. But he was an awful worker and never quite appreciated that it was the gimmick and not him that was over. Anyone with his relative look could have been over like that. But his move-set was trash, his work rate was trash, his matches were mostly trash."

Checking in with the poll, at 121 votes, The Ultimate Warrior's average score is a 3.1. An appropriate grade for all the love/hate that he received.

Thanks Cagesiders for getting in the wayback machine with me today, tomorrow we will be checking out one of the cSs Wrestler of the Year nominees, until then!

The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Cageside Seats readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Cageside Seats editors or staff.

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