The Notorious Eddie Mac Presents: 26 Reasons to Feel Good About Wrestling in 2013

Honest moment: the IWC (Internet wrestling community) can sometimes be an ugly, ugly place. Granted, when wrestling promotions continue to do something that grinds our gears, you can understand why the IWC is...quite frankly, like any other Internet community. Whether it's anime, television, movies, even porn, there is always that ugly section that bashes anything and everything.

But for all the bad that the wrestling business did in the last twelve months, it's nice to be reminded once in a while there is a lot of good and positive and awesome stuff out there. So, once again, I'll take off my "cynical IWC member" hat, and be a calm, rational wrestling fan and look at some of the good things to come out of the business through the last twelve months.

  1. Daniel Bryan Danielson and his epic beard.
  2. And that "YES! YES! YES!" chant that still lives 20 months after the 18-second debacle.
  3. And "The Move That Beat John Cena". (It's the Busaiku knee kick.)
  4. TNA no longer has Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff.
  5. And the Aces & Eights are gone too. That funeral, though.
  6. NXT.
  7. Renee. Young. Mmmmm.
  8. Paul Heyman can still bring it on the mic.
  9. And Rob Van Dam can still bring it in the ring.
  10. So can Goldust for that matter.
  11. AJ Lee turned down Total Divas. And eviscerated them-and the show--better than any of us ever could.
  12. CM Punk and his Wolverine facial hair challenging random people to fights while being pissed off.
  13. The Shield. Seth Rollins dying for our entertainment, the many faces of Dean Ambrose, and Roman Reigns' gore that kills people dead.
  14. The Wyatt Family and their epic beards.
  15. And their creepy promos. And Bray's creepy crab walk.
  16. Paige's Instagram.
  17. Big E Langston's Twitter.
  18. Chris Sabin's moment in the sun.
  19. Austin Aries reminding us all of Option C.
  20. WWE coming around and giving its fans full matches on Youtube.
  21. Gregory Iron.
  22. Hiroshi Tanahashi versus Kazuchika Okada. Two five-star matches between them.
  23. Mark Henry making us all look like a bunch of puppets.
  24. Sami Zayn versus Antonio Cesaro.
  25. Cageside Seats and ALL THE TOURNAMENTS!
  26. The return of Wrestlecrap. (Yeah, I feel bad pimping another site I like, but come on. It's freaking WRESTLECRAP.)

I know I missed a lot of good in wrestling in 2013. Enlighten us! (Hopefully with links too, ya know?)

The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Cageside Seats readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Cageside Seats editors or staff.

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