CM Punk's Cageside Evaluation

It's evaluation time! Let's see what you guys thought of that giggly guy, CM Punk.

  1. Mic Skills - He's just damn good on the mic, whether it's hyping an event, talking backstage, or face-to-face with any wrestler, he's the best. A distant #1 choice from you guys.
  2. In-Ring Work - I decided to lump together two popular terms into this choice; "moveset" and "ring psychology." I think overall you guys appreciate what he does in the ring, some things could be adjusted, but in it's totality, Punk is top notch inside the squared circle.
  3. Broke the Mold - He is considered the one that kicked down the door for indy guys to walk through. He didn't fit the typical WWE look, but he was able to achieve tremendous success anyways. Since he's entered the WWE we have seen many more talented indy guys get their chance in the big leagues.
  4. Throwback - Punk has a style that reminded you of wrestlers from the past. He has an appreciation for older wrestlers and it shows through his work. Sometimes it's in his promos and other times it's simply the attire he wears.
  5. Anti-Authority Gimmick - He's the PG/Reality Era's Stone Cold, any chance he gets, he'll rip the boss or bosses. It comes across as very authentic and almost everyone can connect to that type of gimmick.

Our weekend winner goes to BrassCitySaint with a well written piece- "Love: Heel Punk. When this guy is out to get heat, there is no one better in this business. Period. He has an absolute mastery of how to engage an audience and build interest in a program. Having viewed him since his indie days (particularly in ROH), I absolutely marvel at how composed he is on the stick. Just cool, calm, and collected. He knows just when to turn up the aggression, and his inflection is perfect. Why is Punk the best heel in the business? Simple. Every character he has portrayed has been absolute gold. From his Straight Edge Savior persona to the conceited "Best in the World" during his WWE Championship reign, he can make just about anything work. He immerses himself in his heel role and absolutely revels in it. You can tell; it just fits him like a glove."



Lot of good things to say about Punk, but there were some things to loathe as well.

  1. Sloppy - Probably the most used term in this section. Whether it's his body not being 100% or age, his matches, at times, go a bit off the rails. It can be against very good opponents, some of his movements just come off awkward. It would be nice if he takes some time off to heal up, so he doesn't hurt himself or something else during one of these moments.
  2. You Are?... - As of late, if his opponent is not a top star, Punk just doesn't seem to care as much (in the ring and on the mic). I think we've seen this trend with a lot of main-event level wrestlers. Sometimes they get to main-event a PPV and sometimes they get a 3-on-1 handicap match...
  3. GTS - This was almost #2 a lot of you don't like this finisher, seems to me it's connected to his sloppiness. Sometimes the move just looks awful or he completely misses, he needs an opponent just the right size for it to work.
  4. Flying Elbow - Move #2 that you guys want him to change, right meow! I mean meow! It was cool the first time he did it as a tribute, since then it's been pretty forgettable. I mean if he's trying to save his body by not doing a bulldog anymore, why is he jumping off the top rope each match?
  5. Physique - The bad side to "breaking the mold" is that he doesn't look like the typical WWE star. He's shorter, has been big and puffy in the past, and now he's extremely thin, thanks to his no meat diet. I get he did that against Brock to pump the small vs. big idea, but it's not necessary now.

Best comment here goes to My Big Mouth - "Loathe: That we didn’t get the Ice Cream bars."

Last, but not least, let's see what the poll says. With 291 votes Mr. Punk's average is a 4.4. Very solid score with many 5 and 4's, with some 1's that brought the average down a bit.

Appreciate the response, tomorrow I'll be taking a semi-break and doing a recap post from the past week. Stay warm Cagesiders!

The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Cageside Seats readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Cageside Seats editors or staff.

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