Randy Orton's Cageside Evaluation

Gallo Images Orton's...evaluation. Pretty good Orton impression, if I do say so myself. Ok, let's get right to the good stuff.

  1. Finisher - So far the RKO is is the most popular finisher from this series. The out-of-nowhere factor gives this move a big boost. An easy #1 choice.
  2. Heel Work - Some wrestlers can go work good or bad, Orton is one of those guys where he is simply better at being bad. His mannerism and gimmicks just lend themselves more to being a heel. Whether he's a loner or a leader, heel Orton is what you guys want.
  3. Look - Much like Cena, Orton has that solid look of a wrestler. It differs with all the tattoos and "sexy spartan body" as my fiance would say...
  4. Moveset - Some of you liked that Orton adds new signature moves as the years go on. Others appreciated that his moveset is vicious (the punt, middle rope DDT, stomps around the body of a grounded opponent) and fits his gimmick well.
  5. Versatile - He's show that he can work the mid-card to help elevate new talent and easily slide back into the main-event when it's his time to shine (or semi-shine, at times).

The comment of comments today goes to who me (yes you!) - "he really is an elite blue chip talent. He has all the tools and skills and knowledge to go out there and deliver."



So he's a 3rd generation, triple crown champ, Rumble and Money in the Bank winner, and overall solid talent? What do you loathe!

  1. Inconsistency - To be fair, Orton wrestles a lot, every PPV, and basically every TV/house show. He's bound to have some off days, but he's done it so much that it became your number one complaint. It's pretty simple, if the feud doesn't interest him, it shows. He's not great at hiding his boredom and it comes across in the ring and on the mic.
  2. Promos - Monotone. Slow. Boring. No improv. Jake the Snake could pull off this style, Orton just doesn't quite have it down though.
  3. Outside Issues - We've heard many stories about Orton outside the ring, some true, some not. Even if some are true, Orton sounds like a jerk. To go along with this, some people used "unreliable" in regards to him failing the Wellness Policy multiple times.
  4. Face Work - As mentioned above, he's a natural heel so when he's booked as a face, it's not great to watch. It's pretty bland, you can tell he just wants to be a jerk instead of a smiley baby-face. He ends up doing crap like this.
  5. Needs Help - He rarely is the guy carrying a feud. For it to become something watchable, the other guy (ex: Cena/Bryan) needs to step it up.

Favorite loathe comment belong to mrsocko (I added link in quote) - "He is just so boring. There are some guys with big personalities who can just be " a guy in tights". Randy Orton is not one of those guys. He delivers every promo like its coming out of Microsoft Sam, and he is just so god damn robotic. He rivals Curtis Axel in the "guys who exist" category. When he gets mad, its so forced and strained. Its like watching teenagers from old horror movies trying so hard to act, but simply can't."

Finally, in the poll (with 144 votes) Mr. Orton's average was a 3.6. For a comparison his opponent on Sunday, John Cena, got a 3.7 yesterday.

Thanks everyone, can't wait for tomorrow's pick! It will be colorful...

The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Cageside Seats readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Cageside Seats editors or staff.

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