Survivor Series 2013: WWE's next Big Show is already airing Randy Orton reruns

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Instead of investing in its future, WWE is asking you to pay for its past.

After first reading that Randy Orton is scheduled to face off against The Big Show in the main event of the upcomingSurvivor Series pay-per-view (PPV), which takes place on Nov. 24, 2013 at the TD Garden in Boston, Massachusetts, I was a little confused.

Not mad, just confused.

Orton already faced Big Show in the Survivor Series main event way back in 2005, when they were assigned to opposing teams in the 5-on-5 elimination match, which "The Viper" won by dispatching Shawn Michaels, giving Team Smackdownthe win.

In fact, Orton has headlined four Survivor Series events, the same number as Big Show, a combined eight between them (six events overall).

Keep in mind there have only been 15 double-s PPV shows since Big Show made his WWE debut back in 1999 and he's been in 13 of them. Likewise, Orton has had a major role in 11 of the 12 that have aired since he joined the roster back in early 2002.

Seems like a lot, no?

To be fair, that's a testament to the staying power of both athletes, who have enjoyed long and rewarding careers for the world's pre-eminent pro wrestling organization. But that's exactly my point. They've already seen and done it all. And we've been right there by their sides every step of the way.

It's not like we had a choice.

Big Show is going to turn 42 years old this February and the angle unfolding for him heading into Survivor Series is his lawsuit against Triple H and WWE. You know, because litigation, contract disputes and constructive discharge are really hot right now.

Hey, don't blame the big galoot, it's not his fault.

WWE gave Daniel Bryan -- who over the past three months has been the hottest guy on the roster -- his moment to shine and he fell flat. He was handed four consecutive PPV events to headline opposite established stars in John Cena and Randy Orton.

And he stunk up the joint.

For example, SummerSlam did 296,000 buys, down from 358,000 in 2012, while Night of Champions returned 175,000 buys, down from 189,000 in 2012. Sure, WWE shoehorned five major PPV events into a span of three months at $60 a pop, but if D-Bry was such a hot commodity, you would have bought them all anyway.

Sounds kinda silly when you say it out loud, but this is how the hive mind works in big business.

Not long ago, I praised Creative -- as well as the powers that be -- for giving the old guard a chance to relive their glory days while simultaneously enhancing the talent they got assigned to. Chris Jericho was fantastic in his role opposite Fandango, just as Goldust has been been a dependable sidecar for Cody Rhodes.

But that doesn't mean you book Jericho vs. Goldust in the main event at Survivor Series.

I won't argue with the inclusion of Randy Orton, 33, as he's in his prime and still one of the top guys in the company. But Big Show is at his best when he's a supporting player and not the lead role, in the same way that a 46-year-old Kane had been the perfect foil for Daniel Bryan in Team Hell No.

Now, "The Big Red Machine" has ditched his mask, donned a suit and joined Triple H, another headlining act in his mid-forties.

The "Best for Business" angle started off on the right foot, with Daniel Bryan getting screwed out of the WWE title and Cody Rhodes getting fired. But somewhere along the way, WWE fell back into old habits (pun intended). The old boys club has once again taken center stage.

Stop-start booking at its finest.

Bryan hasn't been "buried," as some suggested, but he's definitely been demoted. There's just no way to put a positive spin on the most popular wrestler in the "Universe" getting bumped for a physically-limited wrestler in his forties. Next thing you know, they'll be bringing back dinosaurs like Hulk Hogan.

Oh, wait...

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