Is WWE Hiring Another Indian Giant a Smart Move? Analyzing WWE's GIANT History reports that WWE has took interest in another giant wrestler from India.

Rajesh Kumar, who wrestles under the ring name "The New Khali", has been sent to Japan to begin training with WWE. Kumar started training two years ago, after he met WWE's the Great Khali.

But is it a smart move for WWE to hire another giant wrestler from India?

Analyzing the Great Khali's WWE Career

The Great Khali was supposed to be the "next big thing" in WWE when he debuted on Smackdown in April, 2006, where he attacked the Undertaker. This rivalry ended up being incredibly boring and was very unfitting to watch, not helping Khali achieve much success.

From then on, Khali would only continue to make the WWE Universe cringe whenever he stepped into the ring. Nearly every one of his rivalries would end in the Punjabi prison match, which was a very tedious, hard to watch match because you could barely see the wrestlers fight, due to the fact that your view was obstructed by the two bamboo cages surrounding the ring.

None of this was helping the Great Khali and the WWE Universe seemed to have lost interest in watching another giant destroy everything in his path (very cliche by WWE).

With WWE not knowing how to properly deal with another giant - after the success of the Big Show in WCW and WWE - and on top of Khali's various injuries, Khali became a disappointment in the world of professional wrestling, eventually becoming a comedy act with the other wrestlers WWE shoved aside.

But with WWE's lack of creativity, Khali, in general, is immensely awkward to watch in the ring. He looks like a guy who isn't supposed to be there. In the many times I have seen the Great Khali wrestler, he seems to have a more repetitive moveset than John Cena.

I understand that the Great Khali is very limited because of his size, but the Big Show is the same height as Khali (7ft, 1 inch) but somehow, Show makes it work and is a little more interesting to watch in the ring.

Due to his health, his age, his limited moveset, his no mic skills, etc. Khali is ultimately a failure in WWE, with only have a longevity for comedy acts, in which no one laughs at besides Vince McMahon and his yes men.

Why the Big Show Became Successful

The world of professional wrestling is no stranger to big guys and giants. Since the early days of wrestling we have seen big guys like Hulk Hogan, Big John Studd, Diesel, and giants like Andre the Giant, and the Gonzalez, but there was one giant who made a lasting impression on the world of professional wrestling when he debuted in 1995.

The Big Show stunned the world when he debuted at WCW Halloween Havoc '95, not only because of his size, but because he wowed the fans by capturing the World Heavyweight Championship on his debut night. During his four year run with the company, Show would go onto imprint his name deeper into wrestling history.

But it wasn't until he joined WWE in 1999 when we began to see that show would eventually become a future hall of famer. Big Show debuted at WWE's St. Valentines Day Massacre '99 in another memorable fashion. During Vince McMahons cage match with Stone Cold Steve Austin, Show blasted his way through the mat and into the ring, leaving fans in disbelief.

From then on he would be introduced into the Corporation and within his first year, Big Show would go on to feud with every big name in the business, from the Rock to Mankind. He would later go on to accomplish this impressive list championship wins.

  • Two-time WWE Champion
  • Two-time World Heavyweight Champion
  • Two-time WCW World Heavyweight Champion
  • One-time ECW Champion
  • 11-time Tag Team Champion (WCW, World and WWE)
  • 3-time WWE Hardcore Champion
  • One-time Intercontinental Champion
  • One-time United States Champion

But where does he differ from guys like the Rock, Hogan, Andre, and even Khali? If you look up the history of the Big Show, you'll see that Show has competed in a more wide variety of matches on the biggest pay per views than any other wrestler.

He's faced boxers, sumo wrestlers, he's been in tag team matches, triple threats, hardcore matches, cage matches. He's had more face/heel turns than Kane and Chris Jericho, and its because Big Show, despite his size, knows how to adapt to different matches and knows how to act in different characters.

WWE knew how to make the Big Show a superstar and the Big Show knew how to make every situation he's been put in work. Something that the Khali fails at, along with the incompetence of WWE.

Looking at "The New Khali"

There is very little known on "The New Khali". He's only been wrestling for two years and with him wrestling in another country, that doesn't help us finding out more information on him. However, we do know that New Khali is over 7 feet, 5 inches tall, much taller than the Big Show and the Great Khali.

Being taller may or may not affect New Khali's career in WWE but being 39 years old and just starting to train in professional wrestling, can be VERY detrimental. Khali was only 35 years old when he debuted in WWE and look at where he ended up at the age of 39.

Especially with giants, as you get older in pro wrestling, your moveset and abilities begin to deteriorate. Some wrestlers get lucky (Kane and Big Show) but years and years of wrestling eats away at your body (The Undertaker and Stone Cold). Though New Khali has only been wrestling two years (if that much), he's 39 years old and can be very injury prone at this point already.

Add this onto the fact that if Khali is hired by WWE, he will need to get through training, then have time in the WWE performance center, along with several years in NXT. This would put Khali starting his actual pro wrestling career at the age of 41 or 42 years old.


WWE investing in this guy no more than a body guard type role is just a waste of money, time, and fans excitement. Khalis moveset will be very limited and within 5 years of his WWE career, he'll be nearing the age of retirement of a normal wrestler.

It's only being said that WWE has sent him to japan to begin training, though he is not hired yet. The New Khali still needs a tryout before he is contracted but he will also need several years in the performance center and NXT before WWE makes their choice to send him to the main roster or release him from his contract. This would put Khali nearing the age of 41 or 42 years old.

Hiring the New Khali would not be a great investment.

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