The LongGoodbye's Locker Room: What's the best way to get a Championship Title over?

Lately there has been a lot of talk about "getting over". We all know that in the world of professional wrestling the phrase "getting over" means that a character, storyline/feud, or title belt is succeeding. It means that the fans are invested and that they have strong feelings on each ends of the spectrum. For this edition of the Locker Room I'll be talking mostly about "getting over", a championship title.

The recent return of John Cena and his subsequent win over Alberto Del Rio to gain the WHC Title, has seen a lot of us, including myself, conversing about what John Cena and his popularity will do to strengthen or "get over" the WHC. I think we all know that the WHC(or the Big Gold Belt as it is so fondly referred to) used to be the main Championship Title Belt in the WCW, and before it was the championship belt in that promotion, it was the NWA World Heavyweight Championship Title. The legacy of this title belt is rich with history and has been held by some of the greatest wrestlers of all time, most notably Ric Flair. So why has this championship had such a hard time "getting over" as of late?

Well, it all has to do with acquisition of WCW by the WWE in the spring of 2001. When they bought that company they inherited not only it's talent, but also it's title belts. The WWE would go on to unify the WCW Championship with the WWE Championship, to form The "Undisputed" Championship Title. With the advent of the "Brand Extension" the WHC was reintroduced and has remained the "Number Two" belt in the company, the spot that used to be occupied by the Intercontinental Championship. Because of this fact many fans have noticed that the WHC Title scene, and the Title Belt itself, has taken a hit in popularity, relevancy, and prestige.

This leads me to the question of my FanPost: What's the best way to get a Championship Title Belt over?

Some would argue that the best way to do it is to put the title on the most popular wrestler in your promotion, and as we've seen with the recent WHC win for John Cena, many fans on this site have proclaimed that indeed, John Cena holding the WHC instantly makes the title more important. But what other ways could the WWE have gone about "getting over" the WHC?

One of the ways they could have done that would have been to have Damien Sandow cash-in MITB and beat John Cena for it. This would have started a fresh, interesting feud, which I think is the BEST way to get a title over. If I was in charge Sandow would have won the WHC and proceeded to denigrate the title as nothing more than a prop.That he just wanted the title so he could prove he was worthy, get respect, and that the title really doesn't mean anything special. Cue John Cena talking about the titles history, preeminence in the sport, etc. etc., and you have just made the WHC feel very important. You could even have had one of the legends that are contracted with WWE like Ric Flair,come out and cut some promos about the belt too.

There are other ways to "get over" a title such as: Vacating it because of contentious reasons(like the WWE just did with the "abeyance" of the WWE Title, and what they also did at WM4 where Randy Savage won a tournament for the WWE Title), Have a surprise challenger quickly win the title(WWE did this with the Ultimate Warriors victory over Honkey Tonk Man at Summerslam '88), You can make your own promotions title look superior to another's( WWE did this when Ric Flair came on board and had the Big Gold with him, which the WWE denied as the "true" championship and even blurred it out on television), Defend the title outside of your own promotion(like AJ Styles is doing right now with the TNA Championship Title), You can also have a situation where there are TWO of the same Title Belt and a "real champion" must be crowned( The storyline used in 2011 with CM Punk/John Cena, and earlier with HBK/Razor Ramon at WM10 over the IC Title).

As you can see there are many ways to get over a title, and since this is a big issue currently in the WWE, especially with the fans, I'd like to know the opinions of fellow Cagesiders about this issue. What do YOU think is the best way to "get over" a championship, any championship, that is seemingly losing its relevance? Who knows maybe somebody's idea will end up being used in a storyline for WWE!

See you next time in...The Locker Room.

The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Cageside Seats readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Cageside Seats editors or staff.

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