Cageside Seats Greatest Moment Tournament Match-ups and First Round Schedule

Announcing the first round schedule and match-ups in the Cageside Seats Greatest Moment Tournament, which will begin on Wed., Nov. 20, 2013.

This past week, we went through the nomination process for the Cageside Seats Greatest Moment Tournament. Then, we announced the field of 64 complete with a list of the seedings. However, we did not reveal the first round match-ups, which we'll do right here, along with the schedule for the entire opening round.

Let's get it:

Wed., Nov. 20: (1) Pipe Bomb vs. (16) Vince's Quads
Thurs., Nov. 21: (6) Who's Your Daddy, Montreal vs. (11) Basketball Challenge
Fri., Nov. 22: (8) This is Your Life vs. (9) Douglas Represents
Sat., Nov. 23: (7) Goldberg's Apex vs. (10) The Shield Debut
Sun., Nov. 24: (5) Ring Break vs. (12) Tyson and Austin
Mon., Nov. 25: (2) Benoit & Guerrero vs. (15) One Last Toast
Tues., Nov. 26: (4) Hogan Slams Andre vs. (13) Foley Flames
Wed., Nov. 27: (3) Montreal Screwjob vs. (14) Cane Dewey
Thurs., Nov. 28: (6) Shockmaster vs. (11) Women Headliners
Fri., Nov. 29: (8) DX Invades WCW vs. (9) Through Glass
Sat., Nov. 30: (7) Superflying vs. (10) Lesnar Returns
Sun., Dec. 1: (1) Austin 3:16 vs. (16) Bulldog's Apex
Mon., Dec. 2: (5) Beer Truck vs. (12) Anger Management
Tues., Dec. 3: (3) Henry Swerve vs. (14) Kid Nation
Wed., Dec. 4: (2) Big Daddy-O Did It vs. (15) Happy Birthday
Thurs., Dec. 5: (6) Death to Shelton vs. (11) Miz Dies
Fri., Dec. 6: (4) McMahon on Nitro vs. (13) Taker Kicks Out
Sat., Dec. 7: (8) Hard Times vs. (9) Edge Cashes In
Sun., Dec. 8: (1) Jericho's Debut vs. (16) With a Tear in My Eye
Mon., Dec. 9: (7) The Reunion vs. (10) Eddie Cheats
Tues., Dec. 10: (5) ARMBAR vs. (12) Coconut Pit
Wed., Dec. 11: (3) Spearing Hardy vs. (14) Snakebit Savage
Thurs., Dec. 12: (6) Ziggler Cashes In vs. (11) Raw is Nexus
Fri., Dec. 13: (2) Formation of the nWo vs. (15) Jericho & Benoit
Sat., Dec. 14: (4) Lawler Slaps Kaufman vs. (13) TitanTron Fall
Sun., Dec. 15: (1) Hell in a Cell Fall vs. (16) Rhodes Family Victory
Mon., Dec. 16: (7) Hall Returns vs. (10) Rock Returns
Tues., Dec. 17: (8) YES! vs. (9) DAMN!
Wed., Dec. 18: (5) Double Turn vs. (12) Montreal Make-up
Thurs., Dec. 19: (3) Rockers No More vs. (14) Punk Hardy
Fri., Dec. 20: (2) Punk in the Bank vs. (15) Stunning McMahon
Sat., Dec. 21: (4) I'm Sorry; I Love You vs. (13) Rumble Flair

It should be noted that the names you see representing each match-up do not reflect the original names in the nomination thread or the announcement of the Field of 64. That's because they needed to be shortened for headlines and URLs and all that other back end nonsense.

Don't worry, nothing has changed but a few names. Each match-up will feature video with a short description of each moment that occurred.

There you have it, Cagesiders. What match-up are you most looking forward to?

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