How I became Damien Sandow for a day


I made a Damien Sandow costume to wear when Raw came to London in April (pictured above with my man Alex as Stone Cold). I didn’t get round to putting pictures of it on CSS back then but thought I’d give you a quick run-down of how I made it, in case anyone wanted to make one last-minute for Halloween. I highly recommend it for the fun you can have insulting people!


To make the beard I bought a big car sponge and chopped it into a beard shape with scissors. I then tore bits off it all around the surfaces and edges to make it a bit more hair-like, then dyed it black. Normal dye didn’t work because it was a polyester sponge, so I had to boil it in a saucepan for an hour with special polyester dye. It smelled bad.

The microphone is obviously an important prop for Damien Sandow, so I had to have one. I could have bought a second-hand toy WWE microphone but it wouldn’t have looked right, so I made one myself.


I bought a cheap toilet plunger, pulled the end off and painted the stick black.


Then I got a Terry’s Chocolate Orange and ATE IT! Yum yum yum. Then I cut holes in the top and bottom of the box and passed the stick through. I bought some cheap microphone sponges and stuck one on top – I cut another one up to make eyebrows.


I wrapped black paper around the box and scribbled the WWE logos on with a Tippex pen (liquid paper). Hey presto – microphone!

The dressing gown took a bit of shopping around online to find a cheap one the right sort of shape and colour. I did this shortly before Sandow switched to his new fluffy velour gown, which is good because that would have been a lot more expensive! Then I stitched white ribbon around the collar and sleeves.

I then wanted some white wristbands, but they cost too much so I bought some cheap white socks and cut the feet out, then wore those on my wrists.

Then I simply glued my smelly sponge beard and eyebrows to my face with spirit gum (the best fancy dress item you will ever buy!), put a white towel round my neck, my dressing gown on, slicked my hair back with cheap hair gel and walked around holding my ‘microphone’ like a fine cognac, yelling at ignoramuses!


I exposed my true lack of class later that night when I drunkenly slid down the escalator rail at the tube station and cracked my coccyx (still hurts to sit down six months later) but it was a great night out!

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