WWE Hell in a Cell match card preview: Los Matadores vs. The Real Americans


Gadsen flag-waving patriots Jack Swagger & Antonio Cesaro are not going to take the migration of a pair of Latino bullfighters into WWE laying down. But the real draw is probably a high-flying mini dressed like an animal against an ornery Southerner with a whip.

Tag Team Match

The Real Americans vs. Los Matadores

The card needed a light-hearted change of pace match, what with all the helling and celling and what not. Sounds like a job for Zeb Colter and a little person in a bull costume.

The Road to Hell in a Cell

After several weeks of vignettes hyping the arrival of famous bullfighters who were also pro wrestlers, Eddie and Ollie Colón (formerly known as Primo and Epico in WWE) arrived on Raw with a techno-salsa beat and a famous mini-estrella in a bull costume.

Los Matadores and El Torito gradually got the hang of their new gimmick while working primarily against 3MB, and crowds grew to enjoy cheering for the Diego (Primo), Fernando (Epico) and especially their little bull (the legendary lucha star most recently famous as Mascarita Dorada). But, of course, even casual observers could see that three new latino Superstars would not go unnoticed by WWE's resident border patrol.

Zeb Colter and his charge Jack Swagger have seen their profile rise since adding Antonio Cesaro to their Real American retinue. The flashy moves of the Swiss Naturalized US Citizen Superman have triggered positive audience reactions, leading to more matches (this is their second late addition to a pay-per-view (PPV) card this month) and some more inspired work from the original "We the People" duo.

So when the matadors took issue with being called "border hoping banditos" and accused of "deviant behavior" with their mascot, they broke away from their series with Heath Slater and company to poke back at The Real Americans. And Torito poked Colter back...with his horns to Zeb's hindquarters.

Now the propagandist has introduced a new bandito repellent to his team - his bull whip. It'll be good old fashioned American force versus the guile of toreo at Hell in a Cell.

What's at stake?

Probably not too much, as this will most likely be a cool-down match between main events.

But a good showing will help both teams maintain their status as regulars on WWE television. And with tag teams feeling more like a division than just a showcase for one pair of Superstars these days, staying in the spotlight could lead to title shots or even more down the road.

Join in the fun with Cageside Seats coverage of this and all the matches from Miami!

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