SPA's Instant BFG Review

Ultimate X Match:Sabin defeats Jeff Hardy,Samoa Joe, Austin Aries and Manik to win TNA X-Division Championship

I thought the match was way too short and not allowed to ever kick into that next gear that Ultimate X matches are known for, especially with all the talent in one match, this thing could have used 10 more minutes. The crowd never got into it either, probably because the match didn't felt way too rushed. And the fact the match was focused on more on a ladder than anyone climbing the cables, in fact only two of the men really climbed them more than once (Aries and Manik)

The Outcome: Personally I like Sabin heeling it up by throwing Velvet in harms way and then grabbing the title quickly, he looked devious and now its not even close that he cares so much more about the title than Velvet's well being.

Tag Title Match:Bro-Mans defeats James Storm and Gunner to become New TNA Tag Team Champions

This was a way better match than you could have told me it would be, Bro-Mans worked hard to make the match interesting and the crowd noticed and there was a decent TNA chant during the match

The Outcome- I actually like Bro-Mans as the heel champions its gonna be interesting TV when they are the heel champs you just wanna see get their ass kicked, yet they weasel their way to victory every time. Also it means more Robbie E. on my TV....I can live with this

Knockouts Title Match- Gail Kim beats ODB and Brooke to win Knockouts title after Lei'd Tapa interferes on Kim's behalf

The match itself wasn't very good, the best part of it came after Lei'd Tapa interfered and powerbomb Brooke from the Ramp over the top rope in a nice spot that looked pretty damn cool.

The Outcome-This was by far the very best outcome TNA could have gave us, sure the interference didn't have to happen but the best Knockout in TNA has the title and that's probably the best for the division.

Bobby Roode Defeats Kurt Angle

This match was good if not great, Angle and Roode had this chemistry to them and the match just flowed well and their counters to each others moves were fluid and the crowd was SUPER into it, there were dueling Lets Go Angle and Lets go Roode chants, and they were about even, Roode seems to gave a lot of fans in San Diego a nice touch by TNA commentary to acknowledge that Roode had some fans there, I always think its dumb when announces make it blatantly obvious that they are ignoring chants for a heel.

The Outcome- I think the right choice was made, it was a little weird how it ended but Roode did come out ultimately looking tough and so did Kurt by getting off of the stretcher.

Ethan Carter III defeats Norv Fernum

EC3 had a cool entrance and from what I see I like from this character, this was a complete squash match as Fernum is one of the skinniest guys you will ever see grace a wrestling ring. EC3 also has a sick finisher, but that's about all this match really told us.

The Outcome- Obvious but that's the way it had to be, EC3 debuts on the big show and gets a win, and I can't wait to see him get an actual match and feud.

Magnus defeats Sting

The match was.....just bad.....In theory the match was supposed to elevate Magnus, but I wonder if having such a bad match on the biggest TNA PPV did more damage than good. Either way Magnus got a win in a match that was somehow worse than I had expected

The Outcome- Magnus gets the win and even though the match was bad, there is a way to use this to make Magnus look better. But what I didn't like is the dropped hints by commentary that seem to be pointing to a Magnus heel turn...which would be in my mind a huge mistake, although he's not catching on like fire as a face, so I guess a heel turn isn't the worst thing.

AJ Styles defeats Bully Ray to become to TNA World Heavyweight Champion

This match contain just about every kinda of run in you and distraction you would expect, Garrett Bischoff with a hammer, Knux coming out and chokeslamming AJ and then Dixie Carter telling Hebner not to count AJ's pinfall, now pushing that ALL ASIDE, this was a very stiff match, about half way through you could see some serious bruises from Bully Ray on AJ's chest, he held back very little in this match. And AJ put his body on the line and through hell in this match to make it memorable and send off this show in a good way, and the crowd certainly loved it and of course I did. AJ performed a spot in this match in which every wrestling fan should see a 450 splash from the top rope outside to a table which he went through that was REALLY CLOSE TO THE GUARD was risky and AJ proved his commitment to TNA with that spot. In the end AJ won with a spiral tap and then ran into the audience where he hugged various fans and then a coupe of fans lifted up AJ as he held the title above his head, not a bad way to end a PPV at all,

Outcome- This was the only logical move after going through all the work they did to get AJ into the final four of the BFG series and eventually win it. AJ is champion again and the live crowd loved the finish.

The Good-Main Event and Roode vs Angle

The Bad- Sting vs Magnus

The Grade- C, some decent matches in the Ultimate X and Tag Title Match and GREAT Matches in Roode vs Angle and The Main Event, TNA tried to make the night feel special by having all the title change hands which did make it feel special but there wasn't enough GREAT stuff, the two matches that were blew me away, nothing else on the card came close to those two though

Side Note- I am pretty damn happy with the title changes themselves, the titles overall seem to be in better places now

World Heavyweight Title with AJ

Knockouts title with Gail Kim

Tag Team Title with Bro-Mans

and X-Division title with Chris Sabin

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