Hulk Hogan playing the field, still in love with himself

via Wikimedia Commons under CCA2.0

In an interview with the Associated Press, the Hulkster confirms what we already well as drops some tantalizing/horrifying hints about the future.

The Associated Press' Dan Gelman yesterday posted an interview that he did with Hulk Hogan.  It's largely the usual mix of fan service and stroking his own ego that you get from any interview with Hogan.  But it does confirm much of what our own rumor-expert Eric B. Stephen told you yesterday, as well as throw some fuel on the fire for both Hulkamaniacs and those that go blind with rage at the sight of the red and yellow.

He's careful to not confirm or rule out any return to TNA, the promotion he "quit" in the angle with Dixie Carter that aired last week on that company's flagship show, Impact Wrestling.  "We couldn't figure things out," Hogan said. "We're talking, but I'm wide open right now."

So what is he wide open for?  A return to the WWE, of course.  The Real American talks about bumping into HHH at a charity event recently, and reported that it was a very positive meeting.  "He just welcomed me with open arms. He said if ever I decide I get the itch to come back home, the door's open."

In a rare moment of seemingly honest self-reflection, he talks about what lead to his second exit from WWE in the early part of this century.

Maybe my ego was in the way. I felt like, man I can still do this.  Listen to the crowd. Don't you guys hear what I hear? Even though I passed the torch to The Rock, I kept feeling there was more gas in the tank. Maybe I couldn't see what everybody else saw. Maybe I was going out there and embarrassing myself when I wrestled The Rock, I don't know. I just wanted something different for the character.

Well, that ego hasn't diminished much, as those who say his self-crafted exit from Impact already know.  Asked if a return to the company that put him in cartoons and on lunch boxes in the 80s should go down on a huge stage like WrestleMania 30 in New Orleans next year, Hogan said, "My mind has been going crazy the last couple of weeks trying to figure out the best thing to do will be."

Could the "best thing" include another match?

Let me put it to you this way, brother.  With the right guy, the right situation, with a big enough event, big enough storyline, you're damn right I have one more left in me.

What do you think, brothers?  Where will Hogan land, and how great/horrible will this "one more" match be?

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