John Cena and the Never Ending Heel Debate

So it has been very much debated whether or not John Cena will ever turn heel for a long time now. I am a believer that it will eventually happen one day. By now already people are saying "It will never happen!" or "WWE won't risk it in the PG Era." but I'm going to prove to you why not only may it happen but why it SHOULD.

John Cena did one thing very rarely done at Summerslam 2013: lose. Not just lose but lose cleanly, putting over a new "face" of the company, and even allowing himself to lose to a new finisher by Daniel Bryan. Not only did he majorly put over Daniel Bryan but he put over his new finisher. If you beat John Cena with a finisher, you have slayed the beast in WWE.

Now of course John Cena needed surgery so he had to lose but there were many ways that match could have ended. Everyone was already expecting a dirty finish so why not give it to us? WWE pulled a swerve and allowed a clean victory with the faulty part happening afterward.

But now that Cena is returning to the ring after 2 months, he is not walking into the same company he left. Triple H, Stephanie McMahon, and Vince McMahon have turned heel and are making the WWE's face wrestlers either fight for their jobs, outright fire them, or put them in handicap matches with The Shield. They've also allowed newly turned heel Randy Orton attack wrestlers at will and leave them writhing in pain in the ring. Where does John Cena's mantra of Hustle, Loyalty, and Respect lie in this company now?

As many of you saw, Big Show knocked out Triple H this week on RAW. This most certainly means that the two will face off at Hell in a Cell in most likely a No Disqualification match. Lately WWE has been flipping switches when it comes to the top storylines. In 2009 Randy Orton and Triple H feuded and it never seemed like these two would be on the same page after Orton attacked Vince and Stephanie. At last year's Hell in A Cell, heel CM Punk and Paul Heyman were aligned against a face Ryback and this time it's heel Ryback aligned with Paul Heyman facing a face CM Punk. So I have another flip that would shock the WWE "Universe."

Imagine this: Big Show and Triple H are fighting and suddenly The Shield attacks Big Show. They are pounding on him and Triple H stands there and waits when Big Show once again fends off all 3 members of the Shield. Then after he KO's Triple H, John Cena's music hits and he comes out with his new World Heavyweight Championship title. He looks like he is coming out to support Show but out of nowhere he attacks him with the title. He puts him up for the STF and nails it, then puts Triple H on top of him, ref counts 1.2.3 and Triple H wins thanks to interference from John Cena. Remember last year's Over the Limit? Yep, the switch has been flipped again.

John Cena's heel turn right now could not come at a better time. He has had an electric first half of 2013 and unfortunately got sidelined with his recent injury but now as John said himself, 2013 will be his year. Plus the WWE's ratings have been falling due to Monday Night Football and what would a Cena heel turn do for ratings? My guess would be have the highest watched RAW in years. That's what's best for business.

Plus John Cena could possibly give Big Show the last major feud of his career. And a Cena heel turn could set up future storylines where after the Shield break up he and Orton could be Tag Team Champions. The rumored Damien Sandow face turn could be him cashing in on a heel Cena. There are many "best for business" storylines that a heel Cena could turn into major ratings and PPV buys.

Even if it doesn't happen at Hell in a Cell, the rest of 2013, or even the next 2 years it will happen someday. It will be a major ratings draw because so many people will have said it wouldn't happen only to be proved wrong. It happened with Hulk Hogan after all. It wouldn't even affect Cena's merchandise buys because new heel clothing would come out and in the crowd where you would see less of his colorful face clothing would be the smarks with the new merchandise. That is also what's best for business.

Thanks for reading and give me your opinions on the continuing debate of John Cena turning heel.

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